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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

SPX weekly update

SPX stays in the trading range as the NDX is climbing forming an intermarket divergence which should trigger in about a week from here a sharper sell off. The market runs out of steam for now but in Oct we will see the final joker of the rotschild-rockefeller boys than the FED announces the purchase of 1 tril treasury bonds but that will rather bring the dollar to its knee's and will trigger after an initial spike a sell off in bonds. Mr Geithner still wants to sell us some expensive GM stocks. from 1130 we can expect a pullback to 1080 before another upside campaign will start in order to break the 1130 resistance. ı am not sure if they can succeed briefly in order to trap the market as it did to the downside. against all statistical terms Sep and Oct will be rather up months and starting Nov we rather have the start of a sharper sell off. as the phony peace talks will vanish and the real time window for an Israel attack on Iran will be on right after the mid term elections. also will the erosion in economic data show its ugly face as the Obama boys can not keep up the charade of cooked numbers for a long time. The sentiment numbers are all still too bearish/ neutral for a bigger sell off right now which will take a few more weeks to adjust.

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