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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Declaration of war against banksters

Starting Monday if you want to read on you will have to use a different blog since this one still will be blocked when I am back.

Declaration of war via peaceful cyber warriors

Hacker Group Anonymous Brings Peaceful Revolution To America: Will Engage In Civil Disobedience Until Bernanke Steps Down

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The world's most (in)famous hacker group - Anonymous - known for effectively shutting down their hacking nemesis security firm (with clients such as Morgan Stanley and, unfortunately for them, Bank of America)-HBGary, advocating the cause of Wikileaks, and the threat made by one of its members that evidence of fraud by Bank of America will be released on Monday, has just launched communication #1 in its Operation "Empire State Rebellion." The goal - engage in "a relentless campaign of non-violent, peaceful, civil disobedience" until Ben Bernanke steps down and the "Primary Dealers within the Federal Reserve banking system be broken up and held accountable for rigging markets and destroying the global economy effective immediately."
The Anonymous manifesto:
  • We are a decentralized non-violent resistance movement, which seeks to restore the rule of law and fight back against the organized criminal class.
  • One-tenth of one percent of the population has consolidated wealth in unprecedented fashion and launched an all-out economic war against 99.9% of the population.
  • We are not affiliated with either wing of the two-party oligarchy. We seek an end to the corrupted two-party system by ending the campaign finance and lobbying racket.
  • Above all, we aim to break up the global banking cartel centered at the Federal Reserve, International Monetary Fund, Bank of International Settlement and World Bank.
  • We demand that the primary dealers within the Federal Reserve banking system be broken up and held accountable for rigging markets and destroying the global economy, effective immediately.
  • As a first sign of good faith we demand Ben Bernanke step down as Federal Reserve chairman.
  • Until our demands are met and a rule of law is restored, we will engage in a relentless campaign of non-violent, peaceful, civil disobedience.
  • In our next communication we will announce Operation Empire State Rebellion.
Glorious Chairman Ben - our free advice to you: change your e-mail password stat...

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

SPX update

SPX is breaking below the trend support and the market closes almost exactly on the 55MA at 1295 which is a sign of trouble as the NDX closed clearly below. As said earlier the countertrends whenever weekly golden crosses occur are a regular pattern as the 50 week MA is crossing the 200MA the coming week Keep.selling any strength from now on adding to the shorts as the NDX has activated the H&S pattern. The SPX has already lost 4% from the top since the Jupiter Saturn heliocentric opposition and last time it went for a 25% drop in 1990. I am not sure yet how low we go this time as Hedge Funds are long at as we can see for Gold right now a little liquidation has started but we are far away from any oversold market right now but 1275 is a good short term support but we should expect a drop to the 200 MA over time as it represents a 50% drop from the summer lows. The FED will fight the bears fierrceful as if they also loose the stock game they become obsolete and Wallstreet will be in big trouble if another crash occurs - ultimate trouble.

Thursday brainstorming

1. Well China exports did the trick but its rather the imports I think as commodity prices have exploded - anyway markets are breaking below supports for the NDX and SPX ( later more on that).
I even heard that US Intel expects Gadaffi to win the civil war but that might just be an excuse for Sarkozy's suggestion for a surgical air strike on Libya seems very hypocritical now as the protest wave arrives fully in Saudi Arabia - Saudis opened fire to day which is serious trouble for Obama as his allies are now attacking civilians as well how can they argue that attacking Gadaffi is any better than Saudi's?


Saudi Police Open Fire At Protest Rally

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AP reports that the Saudi police open fire at protesters in Qatif after government warns demonstrators it will not tolerate protests. In other words, the shootings will continue until morale is restored. Look for crude to go antigravitational here.
2. Another good news for bears is that there are fewer of them as more have capitulated

NYSE Short Interest Declines Again, Just In Time For Market Drop

While not at the lows from January, when NYSE short interest hit a multi year low of 12.4 billion shares, the just released update shows that into the end of February, total short interest once again declined from the Mid-February dead cat bounce which saw it at 12.8 billion, with the latest print at 12.6 billion shares. And now that the market is finally realizing that there is a several hundred point vacuum underneath if indeed there is even a brief break in Fed monetization, the number of shorts that may opt to cover on the market's way down is far lower than in recent history. Of course, this is what happens when everyone bets on the Bernanke Put and said Put starts to sputter, which simply means that the Fed chairman, who traditionally equates economic growth with the Russell 2000 is more boxed into a corner, than ever: QE3 will second gold to 2,000 and oil to 1,50. No QE3 will send the S&P to sub 1,000. Place your bets.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

brainstorming wednesday

1. Gadaffi did not go for the offer and keeps bombing the rebels that can have 2 reasons - first would be he wants to sit down for negotiations with better cards as he wants to keep the wealth he has stolen from the state to some degree besides his life. The second more likely to his profile and actual astro pattern is that he feels confident to keep his position with help from China and Russia - which he will not at the end because the benign pattern is only til June ( which is rather the max. he can get from this civil war ). China on the other hand is not too happy about rising oil prices as it fuels a problem they already have at hand the inflation spike. Russia will enjoy the situation very much as they can max out their profits on oil.


Forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi have launched new air raids on the oil city of Ras Lanuf and are closing in on the western town of Az Zawiyah.
Fresh reports of rockets landing on Ras Lanuf came on Wednesday, leading to a growing concern for the city's gas facilities, which if bombed, could spell disaster for people living in the area.
Jacky Rowland, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Ras Lanuf, said fighter jets were circling overhead and the rebels were firing back.
"What we are hearing is intense and repeated attacks by Gaddafi's airplanes on the rebels," she said.
"The air force is concentrating on the big junctions at the entrance to the town. The fact that it’s such consistent black smoke could well means there is oil underneath it. It is continuing to burn.
"The opposition fighters are extremely panicked."
Khaled Kwafi, a member of the opposition forces based on the outskirts of the city, told Al Jazeera that people were killed and injured in the attack.
"An hour ago we saw warplanes in the sky. We heard very huge explosions and lots of smoke. Our people tried to go there but they were stopped," he said.
"We heard there are people killed and injured there."
Forces loyal to Gaddafi are also reported to have surrounded the rebel-held western town of Az Zawiyah, close to the capital Tripoli.
The Libyan government claims it has taken back the coastal town of Bin Jawad after heavy shelling there.
Meanwhile, in his second televised speech in as many days, Gaddafi once again alleged involvement of foreigners in the rebellion against his more than 41-year-old rule.
In an address on state TV early on Wednesday he warned of a plot to colonise Libya. As proof, he said his security forces had captured several foreigners during a raid on Monday.
"Yesterday, the mosque that the security forces regained power over, they had in this mosque, they had weapons and alcohol as well. Some of them come from Afghanistan, some of them come from Egypt, some of them come from Algeria, just to misguide our children," Gaddafi said.

2. That Bill Gross has completely sold out of Treasuries is rather alarming in the current context and proves that Government lies about inflation as stated many times. He seems to think as I assumed earlier as well that rather bonds will drag down equities. Therefor he is high on cash because opportunity will present itself once the process is triggered but first world bond markets have to price in inflation which is an ugly event once it starts.


Exclusive: Bill Gross Dumps All Treasuries, Brings Total "Government Related" Holdings To Zero, Flees To Cash - No QE3?

And many thought Bill Gross was only posturing when he said he is getting the hell out of dodge. Based on still to be publicly reported data by Pimco's flagship Total Return Fund, the world's largest bond fund, in the month of January, has taken its bond holdings to zero(and -14% on a Duration Weighted Exposure basis). The offset, not surprisingly, is cash. After sporting $28.6 billion in "government related" securities, TRF dropped to $0.0, while its cash holdings surged from $11.9 billion to a whopping $54.5 billion (based on total TRF holdings of $236.9 billion as of February 28).This is the most cash the flagship fund has ever held, and the lowest amount in Treasury holdings since January 2009 before it was made clear that the Fed was going to adjust QE1 to include Treasurys in addition to Mortgage Backed Securities. PIMCO's Treasury holdings peaked in June 2010 at $147.4 billion and have declined consistently ever since. And while we expected that the spike in MBS holdings (at times on margin) was indicative of an expectation that QE3 would monetize mortgage backed securities, the ongoing decline in that asset class now leads us to believe that Bill Gross is now convinced there will be no QE3 at all, at least based on his just putting his money where his monthly pen is! And if Bill Gross, the most connected person to the upcoming actions by the Fed, believes there is no more quantitative easing, it is really time to get the hell out of dodge in all security classes - bonds, and most certainly, equities.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

brainstorming tuesday

1. We have an interesting situation at hand short-term as Gadaffi got a 72h option to get out without prosecution card from the opposition but one condition is that any military action has to stop first. It is in so far  interesting as we will have a 48h benign market situation at hand by an Astro patterm before on the 11th Uranus enters Aries. This is the only realistic option out for Gadaffi if international institutions do refrain from prosecution as well which would make it a likely scenario for a descent thinking man but he is rather eccentric to say the least and may bet that China and Russia keep the Nato away. So far the scenario we could repeat that consolidation pattern seems to work out again after testing yesterdays lows market has turned up again with banks as the leading sector

Rebels set demands for Gaddafi exit
Head of Libyan opposition says Gaddafi 'will not be pursued' if he quits within 72 hours and stops bombing countrymen.
Last Modified: 08 Mar 2011 14:36 GMT

Rebels will not pursue Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi over crimes they say he has committed if he steps down from his post in the next 72 hours, the head of the rebel National Libyan Council has told Al Jazeera.
"If he leaves Libya immediately, during 72 hours, and stops the bombardment, we as Libyans will step back from pursuing him for crimes," Mustafa Abdel Jalil, head of the opposition National Council, told Al Jazeera on Tuesday.
He said the deadline would not be extended beyond 72 hours.

Monday, March 7, 2011

NDX update

Basically we are repeating exactly the same consolidation in those ovals and the low was so far just to the previous one again. The overall picture is a bit different though as we had close by already a consolidation this could become rather a Head & Shoulder with the support line being the neckline but we need to break below the 2308 support to have a good indication that the neckline will be challenged and even broken. Otherwise we might just turn upside again but with the latest development that Obama is considering a military option the odds are we test the neckline this week as a war is not priced in yet. Although it will not be a fullscale operation anyway as Iraq or Afghanistan. The target of that H&S would be 130 points below down to the 2170 area. The second test of the 55 day MA is another difference to the earlier consolidation and shows implied weakness of the market. Within 24h we will have a good clue how to go from here - astrology also rather hints to an imminent escalation.

part 2

2. The escalating situation in Libya drags down markets despite merger Monday. War likely scenario is getting priced in as Uranus is about to enter Aries - im astrology the 0 degree of Aries is a very important degree and can trigger crises if hit by a challenging planet like Uranus and what makes the whole thing even more challenging is the square it has with the North Node. Plus Saturn makes a square to the USA sun which has a natal Sun Saturn square hence they are and will be challenged big time by the current situation.


From Reuters: 
U.S. President Barack Obama said on Monday that NATO was considering military options in response to the situation in Libya.

Obama, speaking after talks with visiting Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, said the two countries agreed that violence by the Libyan government against its people was unacceptable.

White House Provides Update On Operation "Nobel Peace Prize" - "Use Of Ground Troops Not At Top Of List"

Earlier, we reported that Obama mentioned that NATO is currently evaluating military options against Libya. Now, White House spokesman Carney adds some additional color on what Operation "Nobel Peace Prize", aka the invasion of Libya, will look like. From Reuters: "White House says no option removed from table on Libya response but use of ground troops not at top of list."Does that mean air force intervention is at the top? Luckily Zero Hedge readers know very well that the USS Enterprise is now peacefully sailing in the Mediterranean, awaiting for its moment in the sun. And on the use of the SPR: "White House says no specific price point would trigger the use of oil reserve; the issue is oil supply disruption." But what supply disruption: wasn't the spin up to now that Libya is largely irrelevant for the US from a supply perspective?

3. America going for bankruptcy in faster pace despite the budget cut charade.

February $223 Billion Budget Deficit Largest Ever

Well, it's one way to start a deficit cutting scramble. Washington Times reports that the preliminary number for the February deficit, which will formally be released by the FMS shortly, is $223 billion: this is the largest single month deficit in history! So much for prudent budgets and all that. At least the number can only get better from here. Unless, of course, it gets much, much worse, and rates continue creeping higher, resulting in 30% of total revenues being dedicated to paying gross interest, as was previously discussed on Zero Hedge. Then 40%. Then 50%... One gets the picture.

Brainstorming monday

A Turkish court order closed down all blogspots from Google because a cabel TV provider was unhappy with 2 blogs showing soccer matches. Thats why I could not write for a few days - since I am out of the country on a a business trip for a week you can see posts on this one. Once I am back you will have to switch to my wordpress blog which still works. No need to say that the internet will be under frequent attack from now on on a global scale even as Pluto will be square Uranus for 3 years and the ruling powers will abuse the power they have and run into fascism again since that was alos fired up 84 years ago when Uranus was in Aries the last time and Pluto in Capricorn is anyway a very rigid force of power and governments tendency to totalitarianism which we last time had 240 years ago during the independence war of the USA but obviously with a different technology. This is quite a combination and what we see inthe Arab countries is just the foreplay of things to come i the next 4 years as this both very extreme energies will clash and a global war is very likely.

1. Back to the markets the NEW MOON kicked off another upside spike with APPLE as mentioned before the main driver as it will make a new high in the 360-70 region before it tops out in about 2 weeks as we need 2 new weekly highs to complete the count to 13. The IPAD 2 is not a big improvement compared to the new Android tablets hiting the market this spring and as soon as honeycomb has the final version ready in one month. We are building a volatile top as anticipated and will have diverging indices as the tech segment might outperform and banks likely underperform. Furthermore retail keeps rushing in which was the target of the bull campaign to unload the stuff on them which takes some time and is call distribution as they need to sell them while creating the illusion the market will even rise further they can not afford to have disruptions but at the same time the QE2 will come to an end in June which is about the time frame they have. Still the Middle East development is a big risk as it can escalate easily thats why the  western governments hold back still as a full scale intervention could destroy the bull spirit. On March 11th when Uranus enters Aries things in the Middle East will rather become more intense and we will repeat a pattern we had back in 1928 when Jupiter and Uranus were both in Aries the difference though is that Saturn is opposite which is rather a disturbing factor which will become exact on the 28th.
Jupiter in Aries which happens every 12 years created benign factors overall but always has a sharp correction in the mid term area except for 1987 which even created a big crash but that would be an isolated view as the interaction of all 10-12 stars and asteroids has to be considered. Uranus in Aries last time 1927-34 created even a depression after a big upside run the destructive forces were even bigger. This Uranus will later this year gear into a square with Pluto for 3 years as mentioned before and will active very destructive forces with the sign placements both have. At some point this rally will end in a bloodbath which is also quite obvious from the fundamental situation as the world is as broke as never before and just keeps the deadman walking money printing procedure as long as it gets before the situation will escalate and the elite will create a global war to get rid of the bad debts.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

tuesday brainstorming

1. The middle east is going to spiral into a full fledged trouble zone as Uranus is about to enter Aries which will make revolutionary forces to be much more forceful and gain more momentum from unexpected angles. For Iran its the perfect storm and they will be with China on support as is the Bankster gang of Rothschilds are as well. Both can gain new resources in oil once all dictators are eliminated they buy of any new ruling elite. Still a dangoerous game as 2 opposing parties go for a different outcome of the same basic event.  
The FED will have a hard time to keep up their Po─▒nzi game - even the master Ponzi-man Madoff called it an disgusting event from prison which bares quites some irony. On the other hand they have almost reached the target as the name of every bull campaign is to unload it on the reatil market at the top and the fall for the pressure the FED setup with high inflation and now interest paid they jump on the ever rising stockmarket.
The weakest foreign policy yteam for a long time Obama / Clinton are overwhelmed and lack any leadership in this historic events as they see the dictators USA supported for the benefited of controlled oil supply in place are dismantled for what they are and the 'evil' islamic terrorists turn out to be rather the better democrats as the original spirit America was founded on. America deployed the same strategies as the Brit empire did on Americans before the Independance war.Saudies sending tanks to Bahrain is no different than Saddam invading Kuweit in my book how weird things have become as Saudis are scared to death they might be next.


Silver Hits Fresh Post Hunt Brother High Of $34.43 On News Saudi Has Sent Tanks To Bahrain

If RIA Novosti's update on the Middle East escalation is correct, the Middle East's worst kept secret, that Saudi Arabia would interfere militarily in Bahrain before the country fell, has just been confirmed. From RIA: "Saudi Arabia has sent dozens of tanks to Bahrain, where anti-government protests continue for about two weeks, Egypt's Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper said on Tuesday. Eyewitnesses reported seeing "15 tank carriers carrying two tanks each heading towards Bahrain" along the 25-km King Fahd causeway, which links the small island nation of Bahrain to Saudi Arabia." And while nobody expects the DXY to do much if anything on this news, now that the dollar is irrelevant in the FX realm, the same can not be said about silver. Silver just hit $34.43 minutes ago, the highest print in the last 31 years.

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