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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Deutsche Bank -one of my special longs

Deutsche is heading for my target at 55 after todays breakout to the upside and will likely extend even to 60 sometime this year. Someone was shorting it around 50 and has to cover now says the chart picture. Goldman is also at least one higher week away from a top and that kind of special situations might be on for a little while. We will challenge soon the upper end of the wedge formation and will likely trigger a short term profit taking as starting next week we can expect markets to retreat in general terms. The moron long only funds are rushing in now as the pressure to participate is rising and many official but clueless or evil minds have declared the recession for finished including Bernanke and other gasbags who have not made one single good call. As Einstein once said 2 things are indefinite Human stupidity and the universe allthough he was less sure about the universe.

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