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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dollar Index update -- red alert

The Dollar is almost done we need a final 1-2 day dive to complete - the Euro seems to be complete already. We will see in any case a strong rebound of the Dollar til end of Oct as also stocks have reached target zones and are about to retreat as all products except Bonds trade in sink. Buy Dollars over the next days as Europe can not be stupid enough to let the burden roll on them in a deflationary scenario. The advantage American companies get by a weak Dollar plus the US investors might have reached the pain area and get even DC to ramp up Dollar values. We can expect some action on behalf of it and with a real German leader in would be already a battlefield but wimpy chancelor Merkel who concentrates on the elections might soon be in trouble anyway as the clear victory is on weak footing which will also be a burden on the Euro once the election are out on the 27th of Sep. Since we have a Saturn Uranus opposition we can expect the left parties to gain momentum. That will bring Germany back to the Weimarer Republic scenario of the 30ies.

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