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Friday, October 22, 2010

brainstorming friday

1. We are in the final stage of this bull campaign scam as we also have reached quite bullish sentiment but they will keep it up basically til election. As a matter of fact the next day of elections is the most likely day the FED will officially announce QE 2 and some morons may jump on it but that will reverse very quickly as sell the fact is the smart thing to do. The next big event after elections will be the tax situation as the top gear bracket having won the congress will push hard to get it extended as well but it will be a matter of civil unrest going forward after DC helped to rob America by banksters and other oligarchs.As Obama let that slip as well because that will end any chance of DEMS keeping a chance for the next elections but may be the demand by his puppet-masters. The technical picture is quite topish now but they still can bring it towards the 1220 level once again as they manufactured the golden crosses to cry buy after the death crosses showed up right at the low I rather think the golden ones might not do the tr ickthis time around as well other than to trick us. After this rally happened over 8 weeks with any correction we have pretty much seen the same manipulators run the same con like the rally from Feb10 to April with exactly the same magnitude.

2. Here some thoughts from urban survival expressing fully some points I made in earlier posts.

Carrier Counts

Over the past months, I've gotten several calls from my consigliore, who keeps a running tab on how many SEAL teams are deployed on subs, then the number of landing craft ships, and the number of carriers out. He then cranks in the number of KC-135's that are away on missions from his homesteads in his part of the Midwest, and then he sets the odds on whether Israel is about to pop Iran.

All of that sounds complicated (he is a lawyer, right?) so while I've been on the road I've been watching for stories that will give me good insight. Sure enough, the Debka site has an article this morning announcing that the "US deploys second carrier in Persian Gulf with 60 warplanes".

Related: The report that 12-people were killed at an Iranian arms warehouse and a report that China may be breaking UN sanctions on Iran.

So when this whole thing goes off in powder-keg fashion, maybe it won't just be Russia that's ticked and making demands; could toss in China, too. All of which would set up a find case for World War Three/Four, which in turn would explain Clif's data gap, and that in turn...

That Hijacked Tea Party

A month or two back I was deluged with hate-mail by people who have been led astray by the corporate-hijacked Tea Party who didn't appreciate my pointing out that corporate money was flowing like water into Tea Party candidates who were systematically being 'bought' and their positions co-opted by the rabid right.

Well, lookie here: Dylan Rattigan on MSNBC this week had one of the original founders of the Tea Party - Karl Denninger on - and he's now saying : "To the Tea Party: Go Screw Yourself."

The old Tea Party - the one folks like Denninger founded - was real. They 'got it' that corporations now own government...but something happened along the way. In came the corporate money, the message turned, and suddenly the core issues: foreclosure gate, audit the fed, and so forth disappeared into the corpmedia noise..

So write this down somewhere: If you think that the Tea Party wins in the upcoming election are going to change anything? Guess again.

Long Live the Checkbook Republic! He who pays the politicians, calls the tune!

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