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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

brainstorming tuesday

1. the market turned for now as expected after reaching the NDX 2100 target. SPX made finally the 13 yesterday at the high and we are in for a 5-7percent retreat SPX will find good support in the 1115-20 area.
- euro has made an interim top as well and has a 1.3450 target short term before going up again towards the 1.44-5 resistance thereafter

2. things do not look good at all but market is driven purely by insane FED put strategy as hedgefunds had a great september riding along they are now caught in the act

Moody's Commercial Property Price Index Drops 3.3% In August, At Lowest Level Since 2002

3. DC and the whole country is so rotten that even Shakespeare might have a hard time putting it into his Denmark story


Here...Buy a Vote

We continue to hold onto the notion that elections should be on eBay, since there at least we can see who the high bidders are. Or, alternatively, if OpenSecrets.Org had a real-time ticker, that would be dandy, too. But, absent all that, all we can do is point at the democorps who are talking up the idea of a one-time payment of $250 to Social Security recipients in the lame duck (or, I guess here, more properly lame-ass) session of congrease which comes along when the votes are in. Supposedly...

The simplicity of American politics is this (a handy reference for you):

  • People don't own corporations. Corporations own people.

  • Corporations also own government. Example: There are five financial lobbyists for each member of congrease.

  • Democorps and Republicorps get money from the same corporate interests.

  • The Tea Party is a grand idea, but check where the money comes from, yeah?

The reason there are so few jobs in America is it has been more profitable to have our shit made overseas in sweat shops and set up telecom operations to handle customer service from Mumbai.

If you can find a candidate for national office who can honestly wear the "100% corporate-free" badge, let me know. I'd like to send 'em a buck or two.

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