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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Brainstorming Thursday - part 1

1. Today I got a funny comment from a rookie trader (I guess it was GS or JPM - he also used some offensive language) but the best part was he tried to explain to me what front running ment mentioning the textbook phrases of the series 3 textbook. This all refered to my post that the government sponsered manipulation should stop on behalf of information flow from the FED (Goldman subsidary and the Treasury). It is now more than obvious that all admin entities are run by GS guys and we even got the track record of Paulson and Blankfein intense phone conversations around the lows. They even do not cover up the traces as they are about to take over officially and declare the Rothschild/Rockefeller (Goldman) kingdom, as the Rothschild's are using many different franchises to run their business.

2. The Dow above 10000 as a weekly close is a target of the ones driving this rally so do not be suprised if that happens with tomorrows expiration. Still we see now the real stuff for a top as I mentioned in earlier posts that some indications were missing - one of them was that the ISE has a call/put ratio around 200 and yesterdays close with 182 has not been seen in months and is the stuff we need for a top. The 10 day MA of that ratio is at 136 which is good as tops usually develope in the 140-50 region. also some other indications suggest 1-3 days more upside before we start the dive. The VIX around 22 is also a welcome indication for a top and smart money is selling into this rally now for days. A dive to the 960 SPX is what we should be looking for before the 'gang lifts the SPX again above 1000 for the yearend valuation window dressing.

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