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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Brainstorming Tuesday

1. Watch the following clip it got good information from both sides both are right in their basic assumptions - we have a huge manipulation going on fully supported by the government but the technical and fundamental facts are true as well markets are on unsustainable levels and they will not stay here for long but they will carry it over NYE in order to justify their next robbery and last one.

2. This guys are really playing hardball with the public - Feinberg approves Benmosche's undeserved pay package. The Obama admin is fully owned by Rockefeller's no doubt about that part but they even do not make any efforts to be decent - its like an all you can steal from taxpayers party for the choosen ones.

3. The expected upturn in the 6th-12th period turned out to be true as Jupiter will go stationary and the counts need to be finished on weekly Seq and as I also stated earlier some financials still are on the run.
What should make everyone falling for this propaganda nervous is the Gold price and the insane negative interest rates combined with unprecended money printing. One can rather smell that the emperor is naked but the ever pounding drums of the propaganda machinery can make you nervous thats the aim of the game.
Any way thats the priceaction to get short the next days - still wait til the 10th- 13th to get active.

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