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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Brainstorming Wednesday - part 1

1. I find it rather interesting and obscure that Dylan Rattigan takes such an aggressive stance against Obama - not that there is anything wrong as he is the current puppet of the secret rulers of the western world. On the other hand DC is in their hand - it does not really matter who sits in the oval office. I rather think after having seen Obama in action that they made a very smart choice choosing him as any other president would hav polarized America even more as the racist card would have been more in the limelight since wallstreet biggest robbery in human history takes unbelievable dmensions and the 'black' prseident is the perfect distraction. Still that he gets attacked that agressively that early is part of the same puppet masters game but a little confusing for most might be that the rivals ( right wing / catholic) is riding this tough stance to prepare the ground for the midterm elections.
Imagine 2 teams are playing but the Jewish team is far ahead in score as they recently made a big point against Italy ( Berlusconi) and they are winning the championship now for 20 years and the latest financial crisis was a devasting episode ( for the catholic team) as they lost a lot of money and power. What will happen from now on is that they will play hardball which means the public will hear more truth and disinformation then ever but the revealed information will be shocking at some point but for the ones ready to listen carefully make a lot of the background moves very clear.


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