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Thursday, October 8, 2009

DOW update

The Dow is about to make the top of the current wave B as the first one lasted 14 weeks we will very likely make the top within 2 weeks.
The Jupiter stationary (very positive marking the high ?) on the 12th is followed by a series of unpleasant Venus Saturn and Pluto squares starting 13th.
Technically the 13 weekly SEQ count should be in within 2 weeks matching the cycle time frame. The criticial question remains will it be the ultimate top of this rally and the odds are below 50% as we have some reliable indicators rather in neutral territory for now. So the best we can expect is the 10 % as I claimed in earlier post. The other very crucial element is that the manipulation is fully covered by the government since the share the interest of higher stockprices for different reasons thats why I stick to my assumption they want to mark the yearend prices around the 1000 + level for the SPX and 10000 for the DOW. We can expect a full blown recovery after the correction in late Nov. and Dec. before we will see the big sell off in 2010.

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