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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Brainstorming Wednesday - part 1

1. we have a heavy put buying day today which is the 3rd out of 4 but so far the most aggressive one - hence I assume some are hedging for the potential Iran attack or worse they know it will happen. also is an expected correcting of the GDP number later this month will be a drag down besides some market momentum on the technical side which indicates more short term downside.


The predictive linguistics out of's "Shape of Things To Come" report have this big cloud over the global markets starting around August 24-25th, and further clouds, possibly of the mushroom variety, over the Nov. 8-12 period with months of mourning to follow. With reports that Russians will be helping fuel the Bushehr nuclear reactor early next week, and the headlines in Israel's Jerusalem Post this morning ("'Bushehr unrelated to enrichment'" claims from the Iranian side, I'm compelled to point you at the Google Maps satellite view of Bushehr so you can print off the 'Before" picture. Might want a high res. screen scrape just in case it kinda, sorta disappears into a puddle of glass.

Then there's the report that one of the Saudi papers is endorsing the military option in Iran.

2. after all the MIB and other movies were probably closer to the truth then one might have thought - especially the X-files. ı guess we are getting closer to the reality as more and more things come to the daylight. even the 61 one missing trucks might not be muslim extremists but rather some exteristic terrorists


Boom Ahead in India

And why might that be? Oh, 61-trucks with 300 tons of explosives have gone missing in central India, Chinese news agencies are reporting. Muslim extremists setting up a 'biggie"? Don't be surprised.

Coping: A New UFO Report

Since UrbanSurvival has been around a while (has it been 14-years already?) we have continued to gather an interesting assortment of contacts around various here and there places. One of them sent out a summary document (English lang., .pdf file) that purports to be a new French study from the International Astronautical Federation.

The sender offered this heads-up: " is a rather awkward translation that fails faithfully to convey the original French idiom and is rife with English grammatical errors..."

Still, a couple of paragraph (from the four-page summary) certainly seems a to confirm what conspiracy theorists have written about since the Truman and Ike UFO occupant meetings back in the 1950's:

"The Sigma/3AF report finally agrees with COMETA’s conclusion that we are probably facing an ET presence. That conclusion was quite controversial for a semi-official study like COMETA back in 1999 and was criticized by many in the French press. Yet the Sigma/3AF Commission found no quarrel with it. “Thus, the central hypothesis proposed by the COMETA report still cannot be rejected up to this day and remains perfectly credible,” they wrote. “Many documents and materials examined by the authors of this report confirm it. We have therefore retained, among some others but only as a working hypothesis, the possibility that most of the craft observed can have a non-terrestrial origin.”

The report itself (12 pgs) is purported to come from the web site, but the site wasn't loading right when I checked, but further investigation and more visits are planned.

I think the key thing is that all of these developments are circling us back to the recent work coming out of authors like Leslie Kean in UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record which (since I'm reading it now) also focuses mostly on the French reports.

Somewhere in here, you might be wondering "Why would an economics geek/daytrader/marketing guy be so darned interested in UFO's?"

A little common sense, please! As anyone who's spent more than a couple of years in America's corporate boardroom suites knows, the foodchain is everything. And, if the UFO reports are correct and there has been decades long contact going on then it stands to reason that there would have been some kind of action plan or 'deal' cut between the apes (us) and the whatevers (them).

Thus, in order to make intelligent investments in anything it would be useful to know what the 'deal parameters' were when discussed with the off-worlders. Everything in the contemporary headlines would change in fundamental context if the larger agenda was more widely known and discussed.

For example, what IF one world government has been ordered by off worlders who don't want to deal with 78-billion individual worker bees; I mean one point of contact would make sense, wouldn't it?

Or, what if some degree of terraforming has been ordered and what if - in turn - the weather anomalies we're seeing in Europe, Central Asia and South Asia are all part & parcel of that kind of deal?

Or, what if we've been told in very specific terms "Don't go back to the moon - it's not yours it belongs to the Federation of whatever the off-worlders would call it.

Maybe it's idle speculation, since the odds of getting the answer right are low, but nevertheless, we might find it interesting to at least keep our eyes open for the larger patterns to work out - just as a splinter or sliver works itself out over time - out to where it can be observed first-hand and then removed.

That's what this latest flurry of reports seems to be - another inching of the sliver out...maybe not enough to grab onto it with the tweezers yet (or make the once-in-a-lifetime investment) but it's more grist for the mill, nevertheless.

On the speculative end? Might just explain why despite the rotation of political figures in Washington, there's been no fundamental change in direction. Could it be that world leaders are all operating in a narrow decision-channel of behaviors where radical solutions and change is actually off the table, removed by a larger agenda set by off-worlders who happen to have the ultimate high ground?

Worth thinking bout now and then because, as this morning's column started off, there's just too damn much going on which takes a "Let's pretend" basis to come anywhere near making sense. Maybe with more than half the population on drugs, (curiously many are fluorine derivatives, right up through toothpaste) pretending may be all leaders need to do in order to carry out some 'other agenda'. We've been blinded and bound without permission.

Just wish we could all noodle out what that agenda might be. Troubling. in the meantime, is the answer to the question: "Is there anyone or any organization that you'd trust to cut a deal with off-worlders?"

Nope, none come to mind for me, either.

Perhaps I had shouldn't have mentioned the groundswell of new data on this front.

Let's pretend, instead.

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