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Friday, August 20, 2010

part 2

3. Obama has lost almost credit he had when he was elected as his deceptions and lies are very obvious. His game of blaming wallstreet and BP in front of cameras but rather let them get away and even supply support to them in real terms is very obvious to the broad public. the mid term will turn out to be a disaster for America but that is rather a systematic problem as all DC is corrupt if we reduce it to USA as the global political system is corrupt and or run by eletists who only care for their voters to the degree they want them to vote but in a systematic approach is usually does not really matter who you vote for. The system is rotten thats why its produces such a breed of people who work for the shadow puppet masters.


Senior NOAA Scientist Admits He Lied That Gulf Spill Oil Is Gone, Puts Administration's Spill-Disclosure "Credibility" In Question

The fears of all those who had long believed that the administration, either in collboration with BP or otherwise, had been flagrantly lying about the true situation in the GOM, have been confirmed by The Guardian (via BNO). "A senior U.S. government scientist on Thursday admitted that three-quarters of the oil that was released into the Gulf of Mexico after BP’s Deepwater Horizon spill was still there, contradicting his earlier claim that the worst of the spill had passed, the Guardian reported. Bill Lehr, senior scientist at the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), presented a radically different picture than the one the White House had presented to the public earlier this month. He contradicted his own reports from two weeks ago that suggested that the majority of the oil had been captured or broken down. “I would say most of that is still in the environment,” Lehr told the House energy and commerce committee." So just how many other thing are the President and his crony corrupt "scientist experts" lying about?

4. Sure obama did not create the problems one could say but actually the trouble started with the team he rehired who worked under Clinton. It is not a Bush thing as they try to twist it the biggest part was the deregulation of the the banks which was signed by Clinton but actually summers, rubin and some more of the same democratic rat pack in power now started this mess.


It’s Obama Versus Bush as Growth Slows Before November Election

By Mike Dorning

Aug. 20 (Bloomberg) -- President Barack Obama and fellow Democrats have run out of time and tools to generate growth as a historic government intervention to rescue the economy runs up against the limits of the November election calendar.

So the contest with Republicans for control of the U.S. Congress has reverted to arguments that have traditionally defined the parties: the role of spending and taxes.

Democrats are reminding voters that their economic problems started under President George W. Bush, while Republicans are taking aim at the Obama administration’s handling of record deficits and high unemployment. The Bush administration’s tax cuts, due to expire Dec. 31, will be among the points of contention.

“The Republican Party is going to go to the mat to defend the centerpiece of President Bush’s economic agenda, and we know where it got us,” White House communication director Dan Pfeiffer said in an interview, placing the blame for the financial crisis on the Bush administration. The Obama administration wants tax cuts to remain for households earning less than $250,000. The Republicans want the cuts extended for every income level.

The showdown over taxes and policy comes as the economy shows fresh signs of slowing. The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index slumped 1.7 percent yesterday to 1,075.63 after reports showed manufacturing in the Philadelphia area unexpectedly contracted in August and claims for unemployment benefits last week jumped to the highest level since November.

‘Too Late’

“It is just too late to influence how things stand on Election Day,” said Nigel Gault, chief U.S. economist for IHS Global Insight, a macroeconomic research firm in Lexington, Massachusetts. Gault said it can take months for new government spending or tax cuts to affect the economy.

5. Contradicting deception strategies in the MSM as Israel claims to be in peace talks with Palestine. At the same time Iran shows muscle - demonstrating what happens if they are attacked.

Iran Test Fires, Touts Advanced Surface-To-Surface Missile Day Ahead Of Nuclear Reactor Launch

Nothing like a little geopolitical ruckus to spoil the fun...the fun. Xinhua reports that hours ago, and just a day before the Bushehr nuclear reactor is supposed to go online, Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi said that Iran had test fired a surface-to-surface missile, Qiam, footage of which was shown on state television. Surely this fits well as a time slot segue from the recent clip showing mass graves prepared for Iran's "aggressors."

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