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Monday, March 7, 2011

part 2

2. The escalating situation in Libya drags down markets despite merger Monday. War likely scenario is getting priced in as Uranus is about to enter Aries - im astrology the 0 degree of Aries is a very important degree and can trigger crises if hit by a challenging planet like Uranus and what makes the whole thing even more challenging is the square it has with the North Node. Plus Saturn makes a square to the USA sun which has a natal Sun Saturn square hence they are and will be challenged big time by the current situation.


From Reuters: 
U.S. President Barack Obama said on Monday that NATO was considering military options in response to the situation in Libya.

Obama, speaking after talks with visiting Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, said the two countries agreed that violence by the Libyan government against its people was unacceptable.

White House Provides Update On Operation "Nobel Peace Prize" - "Use Of Ground Troops Not At Top Of List"

Earlier, we reported that Obama mentioned that NATO is currently evaluating military options against Libya. Now, White House spokesman Carney adds some additional color on what Operation "Nobel Peace Prize", aka the invasion of Libya, will look like. From Reuters: "White House says no option removed from table on Libya response but use of ground troops not at top of list."Does that mean air force intervention is at the top? Luckily Zero Hedge readers know very well that the USS Enterprise is now peacefully sailing in the Mediterranean, awaiting for its moment in the sun. And on the use of the SPR: "White House says no specific price point would trigger the use of oil reserve; the issue is oil supply disruption." But what supply disruption: wasn't the spin up to now that Libya is largely irrelevant for the US from a supply perspective?

3. America going for bankruptcy in faster pace despite the budget cut charade.

February $223 Billion Budget Deficit Largest Ever

Well, it's one way to start a deficit cutting scramble. Washington Times reports that the preliminary number for the February deficit, which will formally be released by the FMS shortly, is $223 billion: this is the largest single month deficit in history! So much for prudent budgets and all that. At least the number can only get better from here. Unless, of course, it gets much, much worse, and rates continue creeping higher, resulting in 30% of total revenues being dedicated to paying gross interest, as was previously discussed on Zero Hedge. Then 40%. Then 50%... One gets the picture.

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