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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

tuesday brainstorming

1. The middle east is going to spiral into a full fledged trouble zone as Uranus is about to enter Aries which will make revolutionary forces to be much more forceful and gain more momentum from unexpected angles. For Iran its the perfect storm and they will be with China on support as is the Bankster gang of Rothschilds are as well. Both can gain new resources in oil once all dictators are eliminated they buy of any new ruling elite. Still a dangoerous game as 2 opposing parties go for a different outcome of the same basic event.  
The FED will have a hard time to keep up their Po─▒nzi game - even the master Ponzi-man Madoff called it an disgusting event from prison which bares quites some irony. On the other hand they have almost reached the target as the name of every bull campaign is to unload it on the reatil market at the top and the fall for the pressure the FED setup with high inflation and now interest paid they jump on the ever rising stockmarket.
The weakest foreign policy yteam for a long time Obama / Clinton are overwhelmed and lack any leadership in this historic events as they see the dictators USA supported for the benefited of controlled oil supply in place are dismantled for what they are and the 'evil' islamic terrorists turn out to be rather the better democrats as the original spirit America was founded on. America deployed the same strategies as the Brit empire did on Americans before the Independance war.Saudies sending tanks to Bahrain is no different than Saddam invading Kuweit in my book how weird things have become as Saudis are scared to death they might be next.


Silver Hits Fresh Post Hunt Brother High Of $34.43 On News Saudi Has Sent Tanks To Bahrain

If RIA Novosti's update on the Middle East escalation is correct, the Middle East's worst kept secret, that Saudi Arabia would interfere militarily in Bahrain before the country fell, has just been confirmed. From RIA: "Saudi Arabia has sent dozens of tanks to Bahrain, where anti-government protests continue for about two weeks, Egypt's Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper said on Tuesday. Eyewitnesses reported seeing "15 tank carriers carrying two tanks each heading towards Bahrain" along the 25-km King Fahd causeway, which links the small island nation of Bahrain to Saudi Arabia." And while nobody expects the DXY to do much if anything on this news, now that the dollar is irrelevant in the FX realm, the same can not be said about silver. Silver just hit $34.43 minutes ago, the highest print in the last 31 years.

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