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Monday, March 7, 2011

Brainstorming monday

A Turkish court order closed down all blogspots from Google because a cabel TV provider was unhappy with 2 blogs showing soccer matches. Thats why I could not write for a few days - since I am out of the country on a a business trip for a week you can see posts on this one. Once I am back you will have to switch to my wordpress blog which still works. No need to say that the internet will be under frequent attack from now on on a global scale even as Pluto will be square Uranus for 3 years and the ruling powers will abuse the power they have and run into fascism again since that was alos fired up 84 years ago when Uranus was in Aries the last time and Pluto in Capricorn is anyway a very rigid force of power and governments tendency to totalitarianism which we last time had 240 years ago during the independence war of the USA but obviously with a different technology. This is quite a combination and what we see inthe Arab countries is just the foreplay of things to come i the next 4 years as this both very extreme energies will clash and a global war is very likely.

1. Back to the markets the NEW MOON kicked off another upside spike with APPLE as mentioned before the main driver as it will make a new high in the 360-70 region before it tops out in about 2 weeks as we need 2 new weekly highs to complete the count to 13. The IPAD 2 is not a big improvement compared to the new Android tablets hiting the market this spring and as soon as honeycomb has the final version ready in one month. We are building a volatile top as anticipated and will have diverging indices as the tech segment might outperform and banks likely underperform. Furthermore retail keeps rushing in which was the target of the bull campaign to unload the stuff on them which takes some time and is call distribution as they need to sell them while creating the illusion the market will even rise further they can not afford to have disruptions but at the same time the QE2 will come to an end in June which is about the time frame they have. Still the Middle East development is a big risk as it can escalate easily thats why the  western governments hold back still as a full scale intervention could destroy the bull spirit. On March 11th when Uranus enters Aries things in the Middle East will rather become more intense and we will repeat a pattern we had back in 1928 when Jupiter and Uranus were both in Aries the difference though is that Saturn is opposite which is rather a disturbing factor which will become exact on the 28th.
Jupiter in Aries which happens every 12 years created benign factors overall but always has a sharp correction in the mid term area except for 1987 which even created a big crash but that would be an isolated view as the interaction of all 10-12 stars and asteroids has to be considered. Uranus in Aries last time 1927-34 created even a depression after a big upside run the destructive forces were even bigger. This Uranus will later this year gear into a square with Pluto for 3 years as mentioned before and will active very destructive forces with the sign placements both have. At some point this rally will end in a bloodbath which is also quite obvious from the fundamental situation as the world is as broke as never before and just keeps the deadman walking money printing procedure as long as it gets before the situation will escalate and the elite will create a global war to get rid of the bad debts.

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