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Thursday, June 12, 2008

some astrological insights - read carefully

An excerpt from

6/12/08—A couple of dynamic days shakes up the status quo and may drive us to the edge of unorthodox behavior as radical Uranus squares sensual Venus today and the willful Sun tomorrow. Don't worry if others accuse you of being eccentric; just be open to unexpected events. Even with the lovely Libra Moon reminding us to play within socially acceptable bounds, it's up to each of us to find a way to break out of the rut we call our daily regimen.

A week later both will be opposite Pluto with a full moon:
another excerpt from above-mentioned URL

The Full Moon in adventurous Sagittarius is normally associated with overdoing everything. However, its close conjunction with Pluto shades optimism with fear, inhibiting its exuberant spirit. Eccentric Uranus' square to this Sun-Moon opposition adds another layer of uncertainty. Inner feelings and outer events turn suddenly, undermining a sense of continuity. However, flexibility and a willingness to explore unfamiliar territory can lead to freedom for those able to take chances, turning chaos into creativity.

this are all messengers of high volatility in markets with a basic negative bias:
an excerpt from Raymond Merriman

We are not out of the woods yet, concerning this most peculiar and unpredictable time band when sudden reversals of large price magnitude can take place. Yes, I know everyone wants a market prediction –a summary of what will happen in the opinion of a Financial Astrologer. But it is just not possible during this type of unstable geocosmic climate except to say: it will be wild and crazy. It will be a time when a lot of money can be made very quickly – or lost just as quickly. And the astrological explanation for this lies not only with both the heliocentric (retrograde) or geocentric (in Sagittarius sign placement) of Mercury. It also relates to the translation of both the Sun and Venus in square to the approaching Saturn-Uranus opposition, a condition that is in force May 22-June 13. We saw this condition happen twice earlier this year. The first time was in January, when many world indices like the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell to their yearly lows. We also saw it in March, when many other world indices, like the NASDAQ Composite, fell to their yearly lows. And her it is a third time, and once again markets are plummeting and could very well be testing those same lows again by the end of next week (or even the week after), when this translation period ends. This all a preview of how the markets will likely behave during the forthcoming opposition of Saturn and Uranus, November 4, 2008 through July 26, 2010. Saturn defines the boundaries of support and resistance. Uranus breaks through them.

I am following astrology for 20 years now and in a mundane context (world affairs for 5-6 years) and can say in my experience its a value-added information. It's helpful to make oneself familiar with it to understand the implications and not to use it as a black-box information.

Check out the information on a personal level everybody born as a Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces or Virgo between the 12th and 22nd of that month (March,June,September and December) will have some noticeable effects. Thats a very simplified approach but for people not familiar with the topic the only approach.

To summarize the astrological aspect pretty much confirms the technical picture for the markets.

Now a final approach to mundane astrology again an excerpt from above-mentioned source

The Oil Bubble

Last Friday an unprecedented $10 surge in oil prices accompanied by the highest rise in unemployment figures in 22 years sent the stock markets tumbling, with the Dow losing nearly 400 points. Just the day before, billionaire investor George Soros testified before a Senate committee that it needs to act immediately to avoid a speculative bubble in the price of oil.

As described last week, oil prices are in an extremely volatile phase now because transiting Uranus is opposing the U.S. Neptune. In the Scorpio Rising horoscope, Uranus is passing through the Fifth House of speculation. As Soros was testifying, Uranus was only 0º03' from opposing the U.S. Neptune. His message was that institutional investors are now acting like speculators, which is creating a bubble in oil prices.

The last time Uranus was in the U.S. Fifth House and opposite Neptune was in 1925 at the height of the Teapot Dome scandal. At the time, the trials surrounding the improper leasing of an oil field in Wyoming were billed as the largest government scandal of the century. A few years later, when the stock market crashed, those implicated in the oil scandal were among the first to lose their fortunes.

Bubbles tend to pop when the outer planets are forming major configurations, usually involving Uranus, the planet of the unexpected. The dot-com tech bubble burst in April 2000, as transiting Jupiter and Saturn were conjunct while squaring Uranus. The crash on October 19, 1987 unfolded as transiting Jupiter and Uranus were exactly trine, and Uranus itself was squaring the U.S. Neptune. We'll watch with anticipation as transiting Saturn and Uranus oppose each other in a few months.

Have a great day and enjoy the sparkles

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