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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Turkey special - a manipulative 'Economist'

Beneath the headlines from the latest 'Economist' concerning Turkey and it is amazing that so many people from the EU commission take interest in the internal affairs of the Turkish Supreme Court. How would a 'journalist' working for a Rothschild dis-information media know what is good for any democracy, quoting such pathetic arguments like 47% have voted for the ruling AKP. More than half of Turkey lives in rural areas with a basic time frame life dating back 100 years. In those areas, we can barely speak of democracy at all since some 'warlords' decide what happens and who votes for whom. Women basically have no calls, just to do how they are ordered by family in these regions. The other half of the population, which lives in overcrowded Istanbul with 20 mil. inhabitants (70 mil. is the approx. total count) have a similar standard of education close to none. The systematic approach to get people voting in the rural regions is to buy their votes with some give-aways (that varies from rice, coal, to pardoning their abuse of the local electricity supply). The ruling party has cultivated a very religious state, which is the taste of rural people.

Excerpt from


A tragedy in the making

Jun 12th 2008
From The Economist print edition

The likelihood of a ban on the ruling party is growing. It would be a disastrous mistake

A constitutional crisis in Turkey would have grave international repercussions, too. It is hard to see how the EU could continue membership talks with a country that had banned its biggest party and its leaders. Opponents of Turkish membership would leap at the chance to stop the talks starting again. Renewed restiveness among Kurds could spill into northern Iraq: some Turkish generals say they would like to expand operations against Kurdish terrorists based there. And a crisis in Turkey would surely halt the hesitant first steps being taken towards settling the Cyprus dispute.

A substantial amount of MP's from the AKP have pending investigations or lawsuits, which cannot be progressed due to their immunity. The opposition leader has urged them to lift immunity since it also refers to the highest ranks - that has been true for Turkey in general over all parties and decades but if the EU takes any interest in supporting democratic standards that should move up in priority.

Instead the EU has members like Italy in its ranks, where democracy has become close to what it was it times of Ceasar - an empty facade. Berlusconi has left no grace to EU standards of democracy and even countries like Germany have deteriorated sharply in their standards with MP's more concerned about their next raise then dealing with the important issues like the biggest lie of the last government that retirement payments are safe. Most developed countries have a demographic problem, which will lead to disaster - big disaster - since the population is growing older with fewer births and their social security systems being inevitably bankrupt in a decade.

The EU parliament is a place of corruption, greed and unfaithful behavior. European Union MP's, which have double the salaries of German MP's hire family members for their staff because they have ridiculously high allowances. These people do not even show up for work. If you can stamp a card on Friday morning at 7 or 8 a.m you get an extra day of pay of a few hundred Euro for expenses and quite some MP's are not ashamed to do that before they head to the airport to fly back home shortly thereafter (one MP tried to illuminate that problem – I saw it on a German TV show it but was never taken notice of, up to that time).

Another example was the hype the produces before the last German election, the Economist glorified Mrs. Merkel as an iron-lady myth before her election, which is far from anything which can be called reality. On my count, I gave them a lot of chances to gather some inside information but you always start reading an article with high hopes and end up reading superficial blabbering and a manipulation attempt to sell their ideas..

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