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Monday, August 11, 2008

dangerous 2 weeks triggered some incidents - dangerous 20 years

The Russian attack on Georgia, exactly with the opening of the Olympic games was not a coincidence, but it did not work out, as oil kept dropping sharply. That conflict was due to breakout anytime since the Russians have to muscle the Georgians into a position against the rocket-shield the USA wants to deploy and they wanted to show that the allies would not be so eager to bail them out by any price. This happens on the same degree Saturn will be opposite Uranus in early November and is a sneak preview of the things to come. Pluto will be in Capricorn for 15 years, giving a bias to military forces as a more dominant and active part of politics. We saw the reactions of the two candidates for the presidency. For McCain, it was a natural reflex to be tough. Obama's reaction was a bit too strategic (cowardish) - he actually hides. His attitude might be too soft for the tough times ahead, but let's see how he deals when he gets into the oval office.

The rules in the UN are pathetic to say the least. How can the party directly involved veto any council resolutions? Saakashvili played a silly game relying on big brother USA and has to face the resignation since the foreign secretary made clear that this is a mandatory part for a ceasefire. This was Russia's first move to establish itself as a superpower and raising tensions to take away attention from Iran probably. Looming big tensions are ahead for the next president of the USA, combined with a severe economic downturn. Obama better step up to the promises made during the campaign - people will not be so forgiving anymore about these "read my lips" politicians.

Interestingly, the same pipeline going through Turkey was bombed by the 'PKK' - 4 weeks ago oil would have risen on this news but some oil longs just want to get out it seems. What happened to the demand supply Mr. Pickens, who still holds on to his longs? In September, the FED will look smart for a short while with lower inflation in August but that's not going to stay for long.

In India and Vietnam, hundreds die due to hefty monsoon, Pakistan clashes....,Toronto gas explosion... what happened to Burma and the earthquake in China?? The media has been quiet about these two disasters since it has moved on to newer things. They only chase the latest sensation. It's funny though that Bush says that Russian behavior is not appropriate for the 21st century, while the US has 130k troops in Iraq.

The running week with more deliberate aggression by a Mars/Pluto square. On the 16th, aggression will increase sharply with a full moon (lunar eclipse) on top of it and it will be tainted somehow with the full moon exactly on Neptune in Aquarius - mixed and confusing signals. Some kings will fall from power, as the ancient astrologers would have put it.

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