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Monday, February 28, 2011

SPX update

We are clearly in this trading channel and have recently challenged the resistance level and testing the imminent uptrend since Aug. last week. It still survived the first attack but should try once again even this but more likely next week with a positive drop below. The Apple recovery is one of the factors plus the month end window dressing but even more so the return of the retail investors to the stock-markets this year. We have a weekly Golden Cross in the DOW and about to in the SPX which ironically is most of the time an indicator for an imminent counter-move of at least 5%.. We have a little time window of 2-3 days where Venus will be in a benign sextile to Uranus while it moves into a new sign (Aquarius) which is again a perfect timing of Apple to launch a new product ( might not be a coincidence at all) which could drive Apple stocks to the 360 levels once again.SPX could test the 1350 level before turning down within this context as we now enter month 7 count with a 13 which means that the top could take a few more weeks to be finished. but with a 10% correction in between as the bigger tops have this wild distribution patterns. As the FED and the other banksters keep the ponzi-rally going with an unprecedented liquidity infusion some indicators seem to be irrelevant but its rather more a matter of delay and rather worse outcome.

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