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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

DOW tech update- some insider game is going on with ISEE well above 200 yesterday

Dow has hıold the crucial 6500 support and is showing first since of resilience today. The 'problem' is that it this fabricated for now. Yesterday we had an illogical occurrence but makes sense into days light. we had an very unusual high accumulation of calls yesterday barely legal high as the ISEE was well above 200 on a down day and today we have a market up more than 4% so far. That's a bit strange to say the least as some people are trying to pull some market action and anyway acting with insider knowledge. In the media you do not hear the slightest mentioning of that at all. Pandit delivered a very phony call how sound Citibank is performing, well what does he need hundreds of billions for is everything is so good from taxpayers.
Anyway we are in the bottom building process for this leg and we are not finished yet - we are at 98% so to speak.

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