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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Not the bonus for AIG but the 105 bil paid out to other banks thats the real scandal

Paulson and current Secretary Geithner are responsible for ripping of taxpayers - basically stealing money to save some bankers criminal behaviour who still have not been put to jail or even brought to court. Bonuses must not be paid and should not be paid actually the government should sue all companies who paid and claim the money back.
Simple math as Wallstreet has destroyed in one year more money than they made in 2 decades (at the end more than they made ever) is not the ground for any bonus its rather a case for fraud and the FBI should make investigations into the behaviour of all CEO's and some officials like Paulson for misconduct of his office. Hundreds of billions of profits claimed the last years were fabricated and never real and hence the money paid out was basically fraud.


AIG Chief: Bonuses Must Be Paid Despite Outrage

The head of American International Group plans to tell Congress that the "cold realities of competition" compelled the insurer to pay $165 million in bonuses but acknowledged that bailout-weary Americans' patience was running thin.

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