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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Short-Term Geocosmics

What makes the Full Moon and the Mercury retrogade special and very tricky is that both will be in square to Neptun and Jupiter. The fact that the results of the stress test are during this time band makes them highly unreliable to say the least.

Mercury was also in the forward motion in square with Neptun for the last week at least and to Jupiter. Almost most of the bullish blabla you heard was just to fool you as we will have this story going on for a little more in general ( very short term we can expect a sharp pullback) - this is to the pure contrary of what most did tell your last exit of stocks ti August and an SPX of 1000 roughly before it drops to half of its value and even deeper.


Our primary focus is on one geocosmic signature that begins next week: Mercury retrograde. Yes, it is that time of the season again. Starting on Thursday, May 7, and lasting through May 30, this “trickster” will probably be in full form this time around. That is, I expect many decisions to be made that are questionable and will require modification or regret. I expect many bullish and bearish technical signals to be negated, and I expect a lot of “fake outs” as prices run above resistance and below support, only to reverse again. I expect market to move in a direction for 1-4 days, pause about 20 minutes, and then swing the other way for 1-4 days.

But I will be most focused on the weekend period of May 15-18, for that is when three things happen. First, that will be around the middle of the retrograde period, when sudden reversals happen. It is more important than usual this time because 2) Saturn will be turning direct that weekend (May 16) and 3) heliocentric Mercury will be entering Sagittarius (May 18-30). Last week I reported that subscriber Lindsay Holt did a study showing that Saturn stations in bear markets in equities corresponds with highs. He could be right this time. Heliocentric Mercury in Sagittarius also tends to correspond to sharply rising prices in precious metals and currencies, and declines in stock prices. Of course, the other thing we know about Mercury Rx is that whatever you think is suppose to happen, usually doesn’t. Many things go exactly the opposite of what you anticipate. So our rule still holds: take profits too soon. This will not likely be a position trader’s market for much of this month. It is more likely to be short-term and even day trading heaven.

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