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Friday, November 12, 2010

brainstorming friday - part 1

1. Defcon 1 on ndx worked quite well so far as market lost all the QE2 gains since then. The disaster around the G20 meeting for Obama keeps marching since the elections - he has lost mojo and reputation and even not a god poker player as he immediately whimpsed towards the REPs tax demands. Bush was too stupid to be a disappointment but to be snake oil salesman like Obama seems to be a bigger disgrace. Let see what the almost famous call for mid Nov. has in store as todays sell off is a bit spooky but perfectly ligid with the weekly 9 counts usually a correction follows.


Sorry if you lose a couple of bucks today, but we've been writing both here and in Clif' reports that once we get to the November tipping point (this weekend)things will never be the same to an extent that at least linguistically should be one or two orders or magnitude - larger than 9/11.

Today, we'll pick up the last of our 'getting by' supplies and then we'll sit back and watch the headlines, waiting for our 'tipping point event(s) to occur.

A couple of readers have sent in notes asking if this - or that- little headline was our tipping point. So far - it hasn't been. Remember: just like 9/11 had people calling one another on the phone saying "Damn, dude, you see what's going on live on CNN right now? These planes crashed into the World Trade Center...", the events around our 'tipping point' this weekend should be of that size. But lasting 2+ months...which is a mind bender.


When is something really a tipping point? As Clif explains it, "If a 24-year old food service worker in Pensacola isn't going around exclaiming shock and awe phrases to all her friends about it, it's not the tipping point."

Just so.

We've covered may of the contenders which we think could be candidates for this tipping point in previous epistles, but remember, linguistically whatever it is, that this way comes, IT will take 63-days (+/-) to be fully realized in mass consciousness instead of the short [by comparison] release period back on 9/11/2001 which lasted just under 3-hours in modelspace.

Toss in the fact that around January 7th - after taking 25-hours off on New Year's Day 2011, we will have a single day when the release language, already releasing tensions on an amazing 50º down down slope in charts, will jump up to somewhere between 70º and 90º downward. So while we can still chat about such things, circle January 7th 2011 (plus or minus 3-5 days) as the period during which surviving humans will report to their grandchildren "I remember the [whatever it is] that happened January 7th of 2011..." It'll be that big.


Unfortunately we don't know for certain which of the events IT will be, nor whether the release language in modelspace is all driven by the "picket fence effect" previously described as seeing what looks like a big white line on the side of a mountain, but upon up-close inspection, turns out to be one big event (seemingly economic) surrounded by a bunch of smaller events from other entities (like Terra) where we've still got 8.0+ earthquake language and such hanging about.

So, what would fit and last 63-days? How about a series of interlocked events which included:

  • A huge change in economic realities brought about by the G20 this weekend, coupled with collapse of the European Union? Not to put too fine a point on it, but just this morning the EU budget talks have collapsed. The rich countries of Europe don't want to be stuck with the tab for countries which are either running unsustainable budget deficits. Nor, do the working peoples of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, or Italy want to be stuck with screaming austerity measures the result of their own fiscal irresponsibility, or exploitation at the hands of foreign exchange traders.

Something like a 500 point drop in the Dow (or more today), failed G20 talks this weekend, a collapsing Euro this weekend, and then thousand point down days most of next week, would sure fit the bill. But such items remain speculative...our rickety time machine is not that precise, sorry. Dow under 9,600 or lower next week? Possible, but who knows? I've got a small bet on that way, just in case...

Without 9/11. we would have no terrorism industry, which is where those full body scanners came from, and they are currently causing a huge backlash among the traveling public which has spontaneously organized a "NATIONAL OPT-OUT" day for November 24th (complete with website here) to show public outrage at the rope & grope at America's airports. Without 'terrorism' we'd have no wars in the Middle East and our unemployment rate would - as a result - be several percentage points higher, so there is an undeniable linkage between terrorism and economics that get paltered over by group-think as orchestrated by corp-gov, which depends on us all getting on the treadmill every day at work....

Toss in major market declines (and I'm talking about lower than Dow 6,627 here by January) and you'd have enough hot language to fill most of the linguistic expectations, as Americans confront the ugly reality that the world's in the midst of a globalist takeover by a corporate-government alliance which redefines fascism. Those opposed to airport gropes may view their experiences as further assertion of the master-slave relationship as corpgov replaces the model formerly marketed under the government for and by the people brand.

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