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Thursday, July 3, 2008

astro insight into turkey - technical on EURTRY

On the day when Mars was on the Turkish PM's Jupiter/Pluto conjunction (which is by itself a powerful combination, but unfortunately, it is in a square with Saturn), he authorized an unseen move to arrest two of the former top generals for conspiracy together with dozens of other high ranking secularists. Mars gives one the braveness to act out but it's not always the wisest thing to do. It's getting very interesting since the combination of the Solar and Lunar eclipses on the 1st and 15th of August - with the later one being exactly on the Saturn/Pluto square of the PM's birth chart - is the harbinger that he will fall from power, since at the same time Saturn will be opposite his sun.

Buy any dip in EURTRY (better trade it through Euro which will also rise against Dollar) it's heading for 2.12, the negative carry for that trade on a 3-month basis is 1.1% per month. It's bloody expensive to short the Lira if you don't have good timing, but we broke out of a inverse head and shoulder formation and the target is 2.07, but in an overall price pattern the target is far higher and the minimum should be the last high at 2.12. In a wave angle, the last wave came from 1.70 and reached 2.13 then made an exact 61.8% retracement down to 1.86 and could make the same amplitude up which would give us a target of 43 points on 1.86 which is 2.29.

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