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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Iran attack imminent?? second version - trouble ahead

Two news articles popped up about an imminent attack, one in a German news magazine "Der Spiegel",1518,562968,00.html

and one in an excerpt from Bloomberg:

By Thomas Penny

July 1 (Bloomberg) -- Israel is increasingly likely to

attack Iran's nuclear facilities this year, ABC News reported,

citing an unidentified Pentagon official.

The strike could be triggered by the production of enough

enriched uranium at Iran's Natanz nuclear facility to make a

weapon, ABC cited the official as saying. The second possible

trigger for an attack would be the delivery of a Russian SA-20

air defense system, the installation of which would make an

Israeli attack more difficult, the official told ABC.

Pentagon officials say a strike on Natanz would only

temporarily damage Iran's nuclear program and could spark a wave

of attacks on U.S. interests, ABC said. The officials said an

Israeli air force exercise last month was carried out to prepare

for an attack, the network reported.

Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of

Staff, was in Israel last weekend for meetings with Israeli

military leaders, ABC said.

Israeli Defense Ministry spokesman Shlomo Dror, in a

telephone interview from Tel Aviv, declined to comment today on ABC.

The only way to address the probability is, for me, by means of astrology, since Israel has its birthday and it is likely that a surprising thing will happen. Israel has a current stationary Uranus in exact square to its birth Uranus as one component. The second is that Israel has an exact triangle of Mars/Jupiter, which makes them brave soldiers and Pluto is activating this energy being on its retrograde move back on Jupiter, which is a power combination and might give Israel the will power to strike out. Neptune is square to the Sun of Israel, which has two implications: they could have illusions about their own power or; they pretend to be a power, which they are not. Ahmadinejad's chart does not show imminent risk for him. He has a self-destructive force within him, which might make him a dangerous enemy. The most dangerous point of time is right now, with Mars on his Pluto activating his Pluto Saturn square and Saturn being in a Saturn square but descending and moving away. During the last few months he has definitely had a very stressful time but survived it. Within a few days, the risk is gone for him on a brief analysis (I've just checked out his transits). All said, it looks more like trouble within Israel right now and such a strike, if done, should be done secretively and not announced. Or else they want to warn the world about the collateral damage, so others will have time to prepare. In that context, the imminent visit of Obama may be crucial since Israel doubts they will have the same support during his presidency. That might be the reason why Israel is on his agenda. In case that Obama can asure them his support, such an attack might be delayed - since McCain is anyway a "no doubt candidate" for military support with his history and legacy.

After having checked out the chart for Iran, the picture becomes more clear and dangerous. First of all, the Sun is in Aries, which is aggressive but the fact that the sun is opposite Pluto makes it a trouble maker and a dangerous one at that. The stationary Uranus is 2 degrees away from their Mars, so they can get attacked or attack themselves suddenly und unexpectedly. Iran has a so-called Saturn-return for a few months (Saturn comes back to its place of birth), which is always one of those life-changing events. From a timing point of view, an attack might happen in 6-8 weeks, when the Mars activates their Sun-Pluto opposition.

Another important factor will be the upcoming Total solar eclipse on August 1st, which is almost exactly (2 degree tolerance) on Israel's Pluto and the following Lunar eclipse on Israel's Mars. Both imply forceful military action since both are in Leo.

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