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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

what happened to the bottom of house prices Mr. Kudlow

To Mr Kudlow who claims real estate had already a bottom - if you want to work as a lobbyist work in D.C. - stop spreading inappropriate information to people on TV

Before you quit your day job have a look at this little report

Excerpt from WSJ

Home-Price Declines Accelerate

By Shara Tibken
Word Count: 308

The S&P/Case-Shiller home-price index, a closely watched gauge of U.S. home prices, show price declines continued to worsen in May, with every region measured showing year-over-year drops for the second straight month.

According to the indices, home prices in 10 major metropolitan areas fell by a record 17% from a year earlier and 1% from April. In 20 major metropolitan areas

Corzine defended Paulson ( from one Goldman ceo to another thats an act within whichever fraternity an obligation I think. But an acting class would be good since his body language did not support his words. Its kind of funny that paulson missed out on the mortgage crisis since the chief economist Mr. Markus from Goldman was the first to warn about it severely - does he not read the research?

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