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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

SPX tech and Astro update

Astrology is surprisingly helpful to determine opportunities. The assumption that the New Moon with Jupiter would kick off a rally worked perfectly so far and it will in 2 phases short term which we see right now and medium term which is still to come. Technically we broke out of a Head & Shoulder pattern today with a gap that's a classic and we have a target zone of 890-900 before we turn back down. The VIX is already on alert as it has a double 12 (Seq and Combo) and we need to go to our target zone at 38 probably even 35 to complete this leg and turn around to 60's as well. That is a close call now and should be followed with high alert. On Feb 5 Uranus will be exactly opposite Saturn again as it was on Nov. 4th that was as the last bigger upleg turned around as well. Our basic scenario still runs this week basically up and next week we should turn down again.

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Stu said...

like your analysis.
is this demark indicators used on bloomberg ? what settings are you specifying if any ?

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