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Thursday, April 2, 2009

ECB big time pathetic cut ratecut in quarter points

If you have headaches do you take a tenth of an Aspirin or rather all of it - well the ECB things going small portions is smart??? - just think for yourself its rather stupid and even more so dangerous as too late might be lethal. Finally the problem is still that the banks do not pass lower interest rates through to consumers and also the ECB should give financing only for proven loan facilities increasing which they do not. Trichet is also a trained Rothschild member as he was before he became a central banker in the G30 which is a Rockefeller sponsored think tank and Rockefeller is as D. Rockefeller claimed himself one of the driving forces for a 'NEW World Order' . (List of current members at the end - not surprising T. Geithner as a member)

ECB Cuts Rates Less Than Forecast, Delays New Tools

By Simone Meier and Gabi Thesing

April 2 (Bloomberg) -- The European Central Bank cut interest rates less than economists forecast and deferred a decision on what other tools it can use to rescue its ailing economy, suggesting a split on the bank’s Governing Council.

The Frankfurt-based ECB lowered its benchmark rate by a quarter-point to 1.25 percent, less than the half-point reduction expected by 49 of 55 economists in a Bloomberg survey. President Jean-Claude Trichet indicated the bank may lower the rate further next month, when he said it will also decide on any new “non-standard measures.”

“There was almost certainly a split,” said Nick Kounis, chief European economist at Fortis Bank in Amsterdam and a former U.K. Treasury official. “They can’t decide on what to do next so they’re buying time.”

The ECB is lagging counterparts such as the U.S. Federal Reserve, the Bank of England and the Bank of Japan, which have cut their key rates to almost zero and are pumping money into their economies by buying government and company securities. While Vice President Lucas Papademos has said the ECB could purchase corporate debt, council members Juergen Stark and Axel Weber have signaled they’re opposed to such a move.

The List ( all under the Rockefeller / Rothschild influence) actually the closest economic advisors of Obama

The current members of the Group of Thirty are:

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