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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Market manipulation next part - tech outlook for NDX

The NDX is fianally heading (gapping) towards the target zone 1350 (extension 1380). as we count today the 11. The long weekend short covering was engeneered as we can see it on a regular basis now. The market was talked by Geithner Morgan Stanley Goldman and some others into a weak bias ( getting them short is the name of the game) as the stress test was said to be ugly first but suddenly the tone turned this morning and as a second step Wells Fargo made a sudden and positive earnings announcement ( that's pretty much the same technique used at the bottom only that Citi came out with a surprising upbeat statement. Rothshilds playing hardball with the crowd by manipulating easily the sentiment. Its not a coincidence this happens before a long WE. Anyway we expected this move anyway and we are getting very close to the tops now as we have a VIX 13 as of today.
SPX counts a 10 today and I recommend to start liquidating longs starting with an upside Monday. The Full Moon effect is in full charge and we are getting closer to Venus turning retrogade on the 17th which started the whole sucker rally. Next week its time to take the profits and run and we will look into getting short but that's a different timing though.

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