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Monday, April 6, 2009

Strange things going on - Yen technical outlook

The Yen is a very good indicator for the risk appetite of carry traders and stock markets. The daily indicators say exhaustion level reached as we have a Seq 13 and a Combo 12 count with a weekly 9.
The price target is at 102.50 though as we also have the Full Moon high ahead of us around the coming holiday WE. Plus the turning point was Venus going retrogade at the 6th of March and the returning point at the 17th mind end the rally overall or at least big wave A. Look for a strong pullback thereafter with 94/5 the target for the YEN
The strange thing is that at Fridays high so far of this rally the ISEE was a7 93 just the pure opposite of any logic as was the low marked with a 220 ISEE which hints to a completely manipulated market.

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