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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

DOW some real insights - part 1

Lets have a real look on charts and do some real technical analysis. On the left hand the monthly Dow with a log scale chart ( putting the moves into real proportions). we have dropped below the 200 month MA and traded back up to it around 8700 is the first fact. The second is that the 50 month MA has tuned down and the least it will do is to head for the 200 month in order to do so the market will have to trade lower over the next months. We have to decisive chart point the support at 6500 which has hold for now and the long term trend of 80 years at 3800 which we will have to test at some point within 12-18 months. As you can see for yourself there are times where markets oscillate with high volatility around the 50 and 200 month MA's . Latest from 70-85 for 15 years and after 1929 for 15 years and from 1900-1925. we always had extended periods of crisis after huge bubbles were build and the system collapsed - now we are in the same situation might be even worse. Do not buy this green shhoot bullshit they told the same stories back in 1930 and at all other times. Politicians are highly paid actors and liars. No one who calls now for the lows ever claimed the highs so how do they become suddenly experts including most of the morons in the Obama admin. . The do not know squad but they try deliberately to fool you about the truth and there is a hidden agenda which is not 'nice' at all for the major population. Late this summer than Dow trades around 9000 get out of stocks I have been telling that 6 months ago and I pretty exactly caught the low (just read back in the posts).
The western world is run by a group of Illuminati, Prior de Sion, Masonist club of Rothschild and Rockefeller gang who think they have the legacy of 'King David' and/or Jesus but rather Maria Magdalena and every right to rule the world as they are kind of gods. They have breeded over centuries a group and web of people in all crucial spots on this planet to run the show , which they do pretty much if you let them. They are manipulating markets up right now with their bankers like Goldman and JP Morgan to trap you into high prices and they can unload.

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