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Friday, June 12, 2009

Levraged Bullishness - Highest since 2001

The vampires who want to unload their stocks into a wall of money work still on their scam to lure in the the 4 tril. sitting in money market funds and the still big cash long only funds are holding. Still we have a high speculative or manipulative long position build up by and through Goldman for the 'club'.
Tyler Durden has found a realy obvious chart to demonstrate the state of greed and manipulation.


For all the talk of money on the sidelines and other such gibberish, sentimentrader has put together a great chart based on Rydex fund data, indicating that traders had placed 2.4 times as much leveraged money in bull funds as bear funds: the highest level since November 2001. The data is comparable for the unleveraged ratio. If anyone still thinks that there are many bulls on the sidelines who have not entered the market, you can a) note the facts below or b) listen to Bob Pisani distort them.

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