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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Market manipulation keeps marching as goal is triggered - retailers rush in at the highs

Here is a chart from Zerohedge who also follow the manipulation closely and have shown in many cases how Goldman and JP Morgan keep on doing so.
This is not new as I also saw the same pattern in the 2006/7 advance which was also manufactured pretty much in the same way.
The day before Bernanke made his surprise rate cut outside the regular FED schedule on a Friday - Goldman had bought tons of calls and made a killing on those in a few days.

Aim of the operation is to force in long only funds sitting on cash and the retail investor and they succeed as people are rushing in and more will rush in after the brief correction markets will make new highs later this summer with SPX going above 1000 briefly - I recommend to be a heavy seller above 1000 up to 1050.

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