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Monday, June 15, 2009

The insanity seems to be at the peak with this constellation

I was really looking forward to see how this conjunction of Jupiter;Neptun and Chiron would play out but I had no idea (since Chiron is a tricky one - the wounded healer who can not heal himself) that insanity would be part of it. The G8 nations already think its time to unwind and by the way they are not talking about the money they put into the financial system which is cynical as big bankruptcies in corporations keep marching and jobless numbers attacking the 10% levels in Europe and America.
Prices for real estate are still dropping in the world and the stock rally is just a 1930 like huge sucker rally with no substantial support just some accounting tricks. At the same time we are heading for an exogenic shock close to the Cuba crisis if not even worse. I can see that as during the Cuba crisis Pluto was square to the US Uranus and beginning in 3 months it will approach to be square Uranus in general pattern within 1 year, which bears the risk of Nukes exploding. Before Saturn will be opposite Uranus followed by a Saturn Pluto square both are extremely destructive for markets as we had the Saturn / Uranus effect 2 times at the election day and in Feb and both times markets dropped at least 20 %. Saturn Pluto is what made the 1930 to a disaster and is the most destructive force which will drop markets to even new lows early 2010.
That is the dangerous thing about allowing the 'club' to manipulate stock prices higher part of it the first half was triggered artificially bu necessary ( would have happened anyway) but a twisted mind thought that 666 for the SPX would be 'funny' I suppose but the last 3 weeks are obviously a manipulation pretty much in the same manner they did it in early 2007 buying the weaker days up in the last 10 minutes is one technique they use.

As I wrote already six months ago that regular investors would get a chance to get out of this markets around 1000 SPX this summer - I do stick to that scenario - the emperor is still naked.


Rich Nations to Plot Exit from Crisis Measures

Rich nations have taken the first step towards winding down measures designed to rescue their economies amid tentative signs of recovery, reassuring investors who had begun to fret about inflation, but will not move to withdraw stimulus plans yet.

Group of Eight finance ministers meeting in Lecce, southern Italy, at the weekend described their economies in the most positive terms since the collapse of Lehman Brothers nine months ago ushered in the world's worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

"There are signs of stabilization in our economies, including a recovery of stock markets, a decline in interest rate spreads, improved business and consumer confidence," the finance ministers said in their end-of-meeting communique.

"But the situation remains uncertain and significant risks remain to economic and financial stability." Underlining the fragile state of the nascent recovery, an influential Chinese economist said that China would not see a rapid rebound and South Korea's finance minister said its economy was still sliding, although the pace had slowed.

In Britain, a leading business group said the country would pull out of recession earlier than previously forecast, but that a sustained recovery was not assured.

A surge in long-term government bond yields in recent weeks showed financial markets fear huge sums of money poured into economies through drastic stimulus packages will ultimately fuel inflation. A sharp run-up in prices could force central banks to hike interest rates sooner than expected, potentially choking off a recovery.

Pressure has been building in the G8, particularly from fiscally conservative nations such as Germany and Canada, for plans to wind down stimulus as soon as it is no longer needed. Such "exit strategies" may prevent market interest rates from climbing high enough to threaten economic recovery.

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