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Friday, June 19, 2009

Governments are fabricating false statistics for 20 years - well actually almost always

With Clinton it started again after an overhaul in the 70-80's where Government promised to be more prudent to fabricate false statistics. Basically its a one way game if you dare to cheat on your income taxes ( The IRS belongs to the IMF and is basically against the constitution) they send the bad boys after you - but the government is cheating and lying constantly since the guys sitting on the chairs (DC or other parliaments) are puppets of people who want to rob the nation and hold the average citizen hostage and in slavery. Regular people working for the banks and the government ( taxes and interest for loans). Modern slavery does not need chains anymore since it invented something far better the TV and mass sports - watching TV you get brainwashed since all social values get determined over the set. Sports are there to give you an outlet to work of your frustrations in life ( for the ladies its more the vanity game) and if it gets to much to deal with they send you in war as otherwise you might stand up against the establishment. Another distraction strategy is to have a principal foe to control your mind with it used to be the communists but basically all radicalism is there to distract since you need to diversify the 'products' for all needs. Nowadays its Islam for the Western world and vis versa.
The other big invention is the Internet - it is perfect to spy on people and do profiles very easily with the surfing a data mining / profiling software will identify the specific patterns very easily together with your spending habits through your credit card they get a perfect picture of who you are and how to deal with you on an individual basis and in group patterns.
Inflation is one of the biggest scams in history as with an artificial lower inflation they could pay out too low salaries for 2 decades now that was the biggest profit margin increase in the last 20 years. Plus all the bond-yields are determined by the inflation, hence if the show lower inflation that brings interest payments down. All the life savings were eaten away by the real inflation as we have negative interest rates now apparently for everyone they have been that way for most of the time for 2 decades. One very simple equation is that if we used the same formula which was used as Clinton entered the office the inflation would be 3 % higher in average for any given year. That accumulates over the years to shocking numbers plus what it also does is to ironically inflate the growth numbers of the economy. Its a simple equation what is not counted as inflation will show up as growth. So the first thing about what Obama might have done to bring honesty to DC would have been to tell the truth although that is a very dangerous enterprise as JFK and his brother experienced. The numbers below are facts everybody knows in the government and the shameless lies the FED or the ECB claim all the time that they try to defend the people from inflation is a pure lie. They do not work for the people the real masters are the club ( Illuminati or Prior de Sion in names Rothschild or Rockefeller to give some names and one Rockefeller admitted that openly in a book he published ).
All those numbers about employment are a big lie as well since they are basically a guessing game and have a high freedom for creativity through the Birth/Death factor as they call it - just an excuse to bullshit you as over 600k jobless claims per week do not match 500k loosed jobs a month does it? Below just one example how they cheat and steal.


Alternate CPI Chart

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