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Monday, July 27, 2009


Well I hope you had that in mind as you use all the facebook, twitter, google and Microsoft stuff. They are perfect to create profiles and that is what they are used for!

Before Vista was released it went to the NSA for program additions - what do you think the purpose was ?

I am using an Antivirus system which I am sure enables the FSB (KGB) to read my data which the CIA and others are doing anyway.

Lets be clear and drop all naivety - we have fully deployed the Orwell scenario and as we saw by the recent action of Amazon who just erased all Kindle electronic Orwell books bought withoutıt asking we are fully dependent on their goodwill.

Consumers have no protection all efforts to create the illusion that we do are just pathetic attempts to create an illusion of security but 9/11 was a fabricated incident to strip away the final rights of citizens. The force behind all this were not terrorists - terrorists are used to accomplish tasks for the forces (Rockefeller / Rothschild) who want to rule this planet and to some degree they do. Rothschild controls Europe and Rockefeller America like to big mobster families and they own and control those governments through many angles. That why their biggest investments banks and oil can basically do whatever they want.


How Wired Gadgets Encroach on Privacy

By Christian Stöcker

With every high-tech gadget we buy, we give up a little more privacy. Many devices today are in constant communication with their manufacturer. And it's not just consumers who are losing their rights -- the technology gives authoritarian states whole new ways of keeping tabs on individuals.

Don't look now, but no matter where you go, you're connected. We -- or most of us, at least -- have opened our front doors to large corporations, hardware manufacturers, software firms and search engines. We have allowed them to rifle through our jacket pockets and handbags. And now they can do as they wish with us, or do the bidding of the powers-that-be -- in the form of a totalitarian government, for example.

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