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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Obama vs Biden - some weird stuff is going on in the Obama admin

Very conflicting and definetely contradicting signals come from the Obama admin and his Vice Biden. First he ( Biden) steps up and takes a hard stance supporting a surgical strike of Israel against Iran - what Obama did not agree with. Then Biden says the government has misread the economic weakness which again today Obama objected and another incident is that Biden ruled out a second stimulus package for now and Ms Tyson one of Obama's closest economic advisors put up as an sreious option today. Thats a lot of conflict it seems within a few days and it is anyway not Biden's job to express the governments position in so crucial matters, especially when they are contradicting the bias of the president. I think we have some serous trouble in the white house but its not suprising as one could expect by astrological means ( Uranus opposses Obama's Mars by going stationary recently) that some sudden and unexpected attacks on Obama had to appear. Amazing for me is just who the source is as it is very weird that the Vice attacks so openely the positions of the president but he is a CFR member and speaks their position - that might be why Obama looked so stressed yesterday while he was meeting with the Russians .


Contrary to comments made this past weekend by Vice President Joe Biden, President Barack Obama says that the administration did not misread the economic downturn.

“We haven't always gotten the numbers right, but I think the general overview is right,” Obama told NBC News Tuesday. “We went through an economic tsunami that was far worse than anything we have gone through since the Great Depression, and even early on I think we did not see the full magnitude of what was going to happen."

The downturn came about faster than expected, and the information the administration had before it was not complete, Obama said.

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