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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The pressure is on Goldman - are they still untouchable?

The pressure on Goldman keeps rising but I am afraid that they have to much influence in current DC to be taken to justice. Now even the Treasury takes it on itself to make undeserved presents to them as the warrants Goldman bought back from them were deeply undervalued as I stated in an earlier post.

The Democratic party is completely in their hands with the leading members of both houses finance committee's working for them very obviously from Schumer to Frank they have no problems to fear. President Obama seems to be in sink with the whole picture as his first step if he were any serious with this issue would be a full fledged investigation in the dealings of Paulson and Bernanke not only with the Merrill deal but more so with the JP Morgan / Bear and Lehman situations up to the obvious fraud with AIG.

Obama is so reluctant that he even declared yesterday the recession as finished with his in depth economic expertise (including all his advisers) who do not know squad or are just a bunch of liars not that any of the Bush guys was any better since they all work for the same master.

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