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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The final part of the sucker rally has started

The final leg up is on its way and will last around 6-7 weeks - as I wrote earlier 2 points of time were possible around the 14th or 22nd but both might be true after all as we should see one more pullback before the the worst is over push SPX above 1000 sucker final act starts. Beneath the Rydex I mentioned a few days ago which has reached crucial low levels - indicating to much bears. Yesterday the Investor sentiment confirmed with bulls dropping back to same level as bears around 35. Roubini sold his soul it seems as none of the factors which might indicate that the recession will end has been matched and his call is beyond anything he has claimed himself was necessary to solve the situation has happened. There was no real deleveraging yet and only insane amounts of central bank money for free have stopped the implosion for now but Japan is the living proof that as long as the cancer itself is not cut out there can be no healing. The patient is doped and does not feel the pain at least not in the media but we do not seem to learn from the past as a sure indicator is that not only the banks are doing the same bulls... again but also the people working their seem to be brain dead although their highly respected training of IVY MBA's the brains can still not see that the emperor is still naked.

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