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Monday, July 13, 2009

Very special stressful period ahead - but also a new beginning

On the 22nd of July we have a Solar Eclipse ( New Moon, where the Sun will be partly covered) which will happen at a so called critical degree 29 (out of 30) is considered a critical degree as it happens in a cardinal sign (Cancer). These 2 facts would be quite impressive already but to make it even more dramatic the North Node will be just opposite at the brink of entering Capricorn that happened last time late 1990.
These 3 events stands for a crisis , a deep one and will actually be accompanied by other patterns in September, that will bring the global economies at a critical point and even the peace will be at stake as Gulf war 1 started with North Node entering Capricorn. I am not going into the details but an extraordinary stressful time is ahead on all levels economy and also peace and freedom in regular life are in trouble going forward.
One can see that also without any astrology but politicians are very reluctant to tell the truth to put it mildly they rather act all like snake oil salesman these days as corruption is at a highpoint and general ethics at a low point. See it as a storm warning you better tie up all loose ends as things are going to get worse over the next years and anything else said is a blunt lie. Only the debt burden has reached a level never seen before at the momentum is rather rising. This green shoot bullshit is a pure distraction and propaganda - its a bad joke to claim things are turning then they are a bit less worse briefly.The excerpt below only refers to the North Node entering Capricorn but as a matter of fact does the solar eclipse in exact opposition on a critical degree which might at least only happen once a century ( did not calculate it but its very rare once in a lifetime at best) in this signs be a very precious event after all. Since it is a new beginning born out of a deep crisis - we have the chance to turn things into something substantially better but it will require commitment and overcoming obstacles.

The North Node, which represents the karmic tone of the period, now stands at O degrees Aquarius in the process of moving into Capricorn, as it moves backwards. It spends approximately a year and a half in each sign, and the shift is due to take place over the next two months. The Mean North Node enters Capricorn on Sunday 26 July, and the True North Node on Friday 21 August. If you have planets or angles (such as your Ascendant) at O degrees of a sign, there is likely to be a significant change of lifestyle.
In retreating to Capricorn, it may seem a retrograde step in terms of spiritual evolution as for Capricorn charity begins at home. But it is necessary to counterbalance to some extent the disadvantages of globalization, as nations take a hard look at economic stringencies and boundary issues such as immigration control.
Think back to when the North Node was last at this point in December 1990, the world was on the brink, in the midst of the First Gulf War crisis, very much a me and mine issue to Saddam Hussein (annexing Kuwait) and George Bush Senior (protecting the oil wells). Pondering this turned into an extra blog

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