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Monday, November 9, 2009

Brainstorming Monday- Astro insights

1. Markets gaping up after closing at weeks high is a classic price pattern and as we rally into the time frame I thought the lows could be namely this week we have to adjust the scenario. We have reached the price levels of the right shoulder if that is the right price pattern as short covering (the classic price pattern) is again back in force. As the Sun and Mercury square the Jupiter Neptun conjunction this bullshit rally can last for a few days before reversing its course in a volatile way to the downside short after with the exact square of Saturn and PLuto about to materialize at the 15th. Sun and Mercury in square to Jupiter and Neptun are symbols of exuberance and deception.

Nevertheless this situation could last for a few days and even retest the highs very interesting will be the volume of today as the recent days advance was on low volume - we have to watch TODAYS PRICE ACTION FOR CONCLUSIONS.

The 9th is also one of the crucial 'Bradley' turning points thereby you have to give 1-2 days tolerance.


The translation of Venus in trine to the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, October 28-November 2, seems to have corresponded with at least a short-term bottom in stock prices. As the transit parted from this translation, stock prices started to rally.

But now we enter a very challenging couple of weeks, as indicated by geocosmic studies. First the Sun will “translate” in a square aspect to the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, November 10-15. At the beginning of that period, heliocentric Mercury will begin an 11-day trek through Sagittarius. And at the end of that period, on November 15, the first of three waning square passages between Saturn and Pluto will take place. That is a lot of powerful crosscurrents in effect at once, so don’t be surprised if traders and investors act fickle as this all unwinds at once. The “translation” of the Sun in square to Jupiter and Neptune can imply many confusing or even misleading reports, for Jupiter-Neptune in this configuration suggests exaggeration, rumors, and inaccuracies. The question will be whether these reports were intentionally leaked to create a problem for someone else. Whenever Jupiter and Neptune are both involved at once, there is a tendency towards “irrational exuberance,” false hopes, or hysteria and panic.

The possibility of exaggeration and irrational exuberance may be witnessed in extreme price movements of stocks and/or commodities, as implied by heliocentric Mercury transiting through Sagittarius. This oftentimes coincides with large price swings, in some markets more than others. But under this transit, what goes up sharply then comes down just as sharply afterwards.

And that sudden reversal may be the message delivered by the most important signature taking place next week: the waning square of Saturn to Pluto. Instead of “irrational exuberance,” this signature—combined with all the Jupiter-Neptune transits—could be more aligned with hysteria and panic. It all depends upon what kind of messages are coming forth from political and economic leaders regarding the world economic situation, or the threat of terrorism and escalated international tensions, perhaps caused over a furor involving nuclear programs and weapons of mass destruction. Don’t be surprised to see talks along these subjects cancelled by world leaders, and with that, some very heavy threats about the future, as well as another “wake up call” in the form of reversals by financial markets.

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