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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

part 2

3. The latest events marching into good old faschism - Democracy and the rights of citizens have been raped since 9/11 - still people think there is no conspiracy unbelievable.


More Attacks On Online Free Speech? Justice Department Subpoenas Site's Visitors IP Addresses

CBS reports that the Justice department has submitted a subpoena request to demanding the site turn over all reader visit details on June 25, 2008. Furthermore, the Justice Department had demanded that the site do so without even disclosing the existence of the subpoena. Without even bringing up the question of just how far into the "1984" rabbit hole our society has gone based on this development, this situation raises numerous questions about the anonymity of not only Internet browsing (at least that based in the US), but the transacting in visitor records behind the scenes. If this one case has made it to the public, one wonders how many other comparable gag order-cum-subpoeans the Justice Department has sent out to other websites?

Just who is this Indymedia? According to CBS it is a left-of-center amalgamation of journalists and advocates that – according to their principles of unity and mission statement – work toward "promoting social and economic justice" and "social change."

More from CBS:

"I didn't think anything we were doing was worthy of any (federal) attention," [Kristina Clair, a 34-year old Linux administrator living in Philadelphia who provides free server space for] said in a telephone interview with on Monday. After talking to other Indymedia volunteers, Clair ended up calling the Electronic Frontier Foundation in San Francisco, which represented her at no cost.

Under long-standing Justice Department guidelines, subpoenas to members of the news media are supposed to receive special treatment. One portion of the guidelines, for instance, says that "no subpoena may be issued to any member of the news media" without "the express authorization of the attorney general" – that would be current attorney general Eric Holder – and subpoenas should be "directed at material information regarding a limited subject matter."

4. Obviously some stuff has to be changed now that we know that bankers do god's work - if I only had learned that earlier that I was a knight fighting for the good boys.

Here is a severe pledge for a change we might have to teach kids before they go to sleep

By: Jane Wells
CNBC Correspondent

Funny Business reader Rick Ambrose has been "divinely inspired" to rewrite the Lord's Prayer as the 'Lloyd's Prayer':

LLoyd Blankfein testifying in Washington
LLoyd Blankfein testifying in Washington

The Lloyd's Prayer

Our Chairman,
Who Art At Goldman,
Blankfein Be Thy Name.

The Rally's Come.
God's Work Be Done,
We Have No Fear Of Correction.

Give Us This Day Our Daily Gains,
And Bankrupt Our Nearest Competitors,
Just As You Taught Lehman And Bear A Lesson.

And Bring Us Not Under Indictment.
For Thine Is The Treasury,
The House And The Senate
Forever And Ever.

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