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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

part 2

2. Feinberg met with Blankfein and Dimon in July to discuss banker pay and bonus - what the hack does he need to know from the biggest thieves of Wallstreet one could ask himself - they refused to comment on the subject of their meeting but probably it also was just 3 Jewish buddies meeting for a coffee in Starbucks exchanging some recipe how to make some kosher latte?

Today I heard some really funny lines - like 'God loves big bonuses' - without those trillions of taxpayer money even Goldman would be broke - No idea why these moron's try to ignore that for the sake to bring some undeserved perks home. How shameless to throw God now into the mix as they prepare to spread the biggest bonus pool (bank robbery) ever and Obama does nothing but to make some phony statements about bankers but effectively supports their reckless robbery of taxpayer money.

Capitalism has failed as have all Ivy Legue schools since the education the gave does not work neither do the boys do a good job nor did they ever grew to real valuable men (members of society) - especially the Harvard MBA seems to have a toxic effect as all members of the biggest thieves club have their alumni at this school's special drill. Within 10 years we had two major systematic-bank failures and are already in number three with the consequence that guys like Paulson ( former Secretary of the Treasury) own close to a billion in private wealth but USA debt has risen by trillions in just one year ( doubled).

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