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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

VIX update - general market update

Clouds are gathering and the storm is about to break out but we have a few more days until we can see its full impact. The 13 count for the VIX was a missing link and the NDX at the same time is in a combo 12 week right now. Start fasting the seat belts as the markets will fly through some wild turbulences. The final conjunction of 3 between Jupiter Chiron and Neptun in Dec may prevent an immediate crash but we should see a first wave of around 10% down and VIX to rise above 30 towards 35. The only bewildering aspect is the Rydex which is rather at a buy low if those numbers are correct which I can not believe really to be in the 50's with the market at the top- we are even lower than we were at the March lows that makes no sense other than huge 'insider' bets to me.

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