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Monday, November 23, 2009

Brainstroming Monday - part 1

1. The Astro effects are already at full force - I rather assumed it might start tomorrow and will last til Thanksgiving. We have a cliffhanger though as the Saturn /Pluto square has an overwhelming negative impact which will play out the weeks and months ahead. SPX and NDX have a slightly different time table of 1 week. As NDX has now again activated week 12 count Combo the DOW and SPX entered week 11. VIX is now on week 13 Sequential ( which means that seat belts have to stay fastened).


Venus also rules securities and assets. From Monday through Thursday, Venus will “translate” the forthcoming Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in a square aspect. On Wednesday, Venus will also form a trine aspect to Uranus. Thus these signatures imply the possibility of market reversals this week

2. The IMF is now a permanent Dollar weakening factor as they constantly talk the Dollar down which proves to me that they are part of the market manipulation team. At the lows they were talking 'depression' and they always came up with negative news on the way down to trigger more selling now they do pretty much the opposite on the way up.

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