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Sunday, December 5, 2010

brainstorming sunday - Strange things going on with Uranus going stationary

1. Why would the FED do such an announcement ( even more QE2.5) as QE2 has just started and non of it ever worked so far - how could printing money solve any of the structural issues which remain unsolved. All Obama and he other puppets did was to buy time for banks and to make sure the robbery from in could continue.

excerpt 1

Bernanke Tells Nation This Sunday: More QE Coming

For those wondering why the market leaked higher in the last hour, it is because someone got an advance copy of the transcript (or advance notice) that in this Sunday's latest attempt at faux transparency on 60 Minutes, the bearded mutant-cum-supreme genocidal overlord says that more QE is coming. From Reuters: "The euro rose to a session peak against the dollar in late afternoon New York trade on Friday after a report on the CBS website that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke did not rule out buying more than $600 billion of bonds in further quantitative easing." It also explains why the euro is back to 1.34, and is right in line with our expectations that the EURUSD is only weak so long as the market realizes that much, much more QE is coming. How much? See the chart below for our ongoing expectation of what the Fed's balance sheet will look like soon. And yes, the $7 dollar jump in gold late in the day may be multiplied 10-20x on Monday after the world realizes that the US economy is as fucked as always.

excerpt 2

Former OMB Director Debunks The Economic Recovery Myth

There is propaganda, and there are facts. For anyone seeking just one concise, definitive and completely true (as in fact-, not hope- based) explanation of what has happened to the American economy in the past 2 years, we suggest this presentation by former OMB director David Stockman, whose 10 minute appearance on the CNBC's strategy session left the hosts with absolutely nothing to retort. Among his observations: the government sector for the first time in history is shrinking: "the reason is that governments are broke... we are going to have to cut back government employment." And it gets scarier: "if you take core government plus the middle class economy (65 million jobs), that's the breadwinning economy, if we take some numbers - how many jobs in the "core economy" in November - zero; how many jobs since last December: net zero; how many jobs since the bottom of the recession in June 2009: still a million behind from when the recession ended." As to whether the economy can grow without employment growth: "I can't imagine how it can because employment growth generates income growth which is the basis for spending and saving ultimately and we are not getting income growth out of the middle class." And the stunner: the job "growth" has come almost exclusively from the part-time economy (two-thirds). Why is this a major problem: "there is 35 million jobs in that sector, with an average wage of $20,000 a year: that is not a breadwinning job, you can't support a family on that, you can't save on that. Those jobs will not generate income that will become self-feeding into spending." As for the biggest condemnation, it is reserved to what Zero Hedge has been claiming for two years now is a completely broken market: "I can't explain the market... I don't know what it is pricing today, I don't think the market discounts anything anymore, it is purely a daytraders' market that is trading off the Fed, trading off the headlines. One day it is manic, the next day it is depressive, and we can't draw any conclusions." And scene.

2. In Euroland is an ongoing war between Germany and the rest ( sounds familiar ? - not judging) as EU council declared that the rescue fund shall be increased against the specific will of Germany. Although Mrs Merkel might not have thought it through as an isolated Germany with a strong DM would not do very well anyway. Soon a bigger downwave is preparing on many levels but for now the manic depressive market is on a high producing mode which should carry on 1-3 days before a first correction comes but the tax cut extension which will find a solution in the second half of Dec will spark the final leg up.

excerpt 1

EU's Bailout Fund May Be Increased, Reynders Says in a Break With Merkel

Belgian Finance Minister Didier Reynders said the euro region could increase the size of its 750 billion-euro ($1 trillion) bailout fund, breaking ranks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and France’s Nicolas Sarkozy .

excerpt 2

Angela Merkel Threatened To Walk On Euro In Late October, Likely To Do So Again Any Time She Does Not Get Her Way

Yet another datapoint that has been completely ignored by a market that not only does not discount future events, but is blind to current ones as well, is that, as the Guardian reported late in the day, Merkel threatened to abandon the euro during the EU summit in late October. Per the Guardian: "The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, has warned for the first time that her country could abandon the euro if she fails in her contested campaign to establish a new regime for the single currency." The paper goes on to further say that, "Merkel's central aim, which she achieved, was to win agreement on re-opening the Lisbon treaty so a permanent system of bailout funding and investor losses could be established to deal with debt crises that have laid Greece and Ireland low and are threatening Portugal and Spain. The Germans also called for bailed-out countries to lose voting rights in EU councils." And while this certainly means that Ireland will soon be left without a voice in any European discussions, much as we have expected, and under the thumb of one very corpulent and pathologically mendacious Olli Rehn, it also means the the Emerald Isle got the shortest end of the stick as it appears that future bailout will likely involve senior haircuts. But not so much in the Irish case, which may have been the last ditch effort by the multi-trillion impaired asset banking hydra in which as we showed first long ago, one's impaired assets, are another's leveraged extra-impaired liabilities.

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