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Thursday, December 16, 2010

SPX update

The SPX looks poised for a little dive before the holidays most likely around expiration with plenty of calls to be wiped out by the banksters who sold them. Another quasi legal market manipulation which DC does not care about. Anyway the target would be max around 1200 which also would delay the weekly counts. Around expiration the Sun will be square Uranus / Jupiter which indicates big prices swings which will be followed by the total Lunar Eclipse on the 21st which is a very special grade as it marks the beginning of the winter. We might get a very unpleasant one due to erratic weather conditions. Same will be true for the bond and stock markets as this eclipse is on the FEDs birthchart indicating big trouble ahead within the next 3-6 months. Markets are anyway on Defcon 2 and will be raise shortly to Defcon 1 as with early Jan the correction will begin but could turn out to be even more than a correction as the whole upmove was rather a correction and we are in for another big dive.

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