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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

part 2

2. No idea how this guy ( chairman Bernanke ) ever made it to Harvard especially as an professor but even Bush has an MBA from that glorious institution. Stewart shows quite amusing what a god damn sucker he is - or how poor his liar skills are.


America Laughs As Jon Stewart Explains How Ben Bernanke Is Robbing It Blind

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Sick of bears explaining QE2? Prefer to watch Jon Stewart roasting the monetary Hewlett Retard instead? Here is your chance. Somehow catching Ben Bernanke lying on national TV has become not only a national sport, but one that provokes uncontrollable laughter... Ironically that is the laughter of all those whose money on a daily basis is worth less and less, courtesy of the Chancellor (Chairman is so QE1) buying back $50 billion in debt every week. Presumably laughing as one's net worth is getting destroyed makes it more palatable. Just wait as the country collapses into uncontrollable hysteric guffaws as the 30 Year mortgage passes 5%, then 6%, then 7%, etc. destroying up to 25% of household net worth.

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