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Friday, January 28, 2011

brainstorming Friday - the correction begins

1. Snake Oil salesman Obama shows always his real face in times of distress as he is nothing close to a leader - as his reactions to Egypt are cowardly opportunistic to say the least - nothing one can expect from a rookie and puppet though. He is doing a good job in throwing unsubstantial eloquent speeches but has nor the guts neither the will to follow through as his vanity makes him an easy to control presidency puppet. Bush was also one but in his own pathetic way he would not hide who he was. Well in any case the people seem to have had enough and people should watch the scenes in Egypt very well since that momentum will spread globally as it now goes against dictators in Muslim countries who kept their citizens on very poor level but the effect will at some point reach all levels as the so called middle classes in more developed countries who are robbed and still ignore it to some degree, as the degree of pain has not reached their thresholds yet.
This events could very well trigger the bigger correction as earnings season is not really splendid anyway and the fact that China is on a one week holiday does not help as well.


Follow The Egyptian Revolution Live Via Al Jazeera

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Forget the irrelevant inventory accumulation... pardon... GDP number. The real news today is coming from Egypt, where history is currently being made and a regime is in the process of being overthrown despite the unprecedented country-wide internet shutdown. The fallout from today's riots will be momentous. Follow all the news in real time from Al Jazeera.

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