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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Brainstorming Thursday

1. Trouble is accumulating around the world due to rising commodities and the momentum of more upside potential for commodities as well-the solar eclipse brought very bad omen as mio. of dead fish and birds showed up with some pathetic explanations from mass media as plenty deep ground earthquakes are shaking the planet. Riots around the world have start and that is just the very beginning as late this year through 2015 ┼čt will be a paeak period for any such activity in decades.


Standing By to Crash: LifeFlation

We can begin this morning's discussions with either weather reports, or economic data, but the outcome is going to be the same, so it's possible to skip right to the conclusion and maybe work backwards from there.

I assume you've had time to read Clif's note on the site about the (still) increasing chance that there will be a massive break in the global economy sometime between now and when he gets his report out between the 25th and the end of the month?

2. Evidence of manipulation is plenty the only new thing is how careless and reluctant they act

S&P Melt Up Price Momentum: A Once In Never Event

As part of the most recent observations on the boil up (melt up is so QE1) in the S&P, we find something quite interesting. A quick glance at the chart below shows the general market 45% climb since Bernanke's leak of QE2 in August, as well as the market's 10 day (purple line) and 50 day (green line) moving averages. As a point of reference the S&P has been above the 10 day average for 30 days straight, and above the 50 day average for 92 days straight. What is remarkable are some statistical findings as pertain to the average's movement with respect to the SMAs.Sentiment Trader points out that while as part of the recent surge in the S&P, the market has gone for "92 days without closing below its 50-day average, which has been matched only 17 other times since 1928." Where it gets scary, is that as pointed out, the market has not closed below the 10 DMA once during the past 30 days. And as Sentiment Trader notes, "this has never happened before, in 82 years of history." Congratulations to the Centrally Planned Socialist States of America: its Chairman has just made the Guinness Book of Manipulation Records.

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